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erlang mocking for gen_server (gen_server mock)
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gen_server_mock.erl - gen_server mocking


gen_server mocking. This project is functioning but still young.


     {ok, Mock} = gen_server_mock:new(),

     gen_server_mock:expect_call(Mock, fun(one,  _From, _State)            -> ok end),
     gen_server_mock:expect_call(Mock, fun(two,  _From,  State)            -> {ok, State} end),
     gen_server_mock:expect_call(Mock, fun(three, _From,  State)           -> {ok, good, State} end),
     gen_server_mock:expect_call(Mock, fun({echo, Response}, _From, State) -> {ok, Response, State} end),
     gen_server_mock:expect_cast(Mock, fun(fish, State) -> {ok, State} end),
     gen_server_mock:expect_info(Mock, fun(cat,  State) -> {ok, State} end),

     ok = gen_server:call(Mock, one),
     ok = gen_server:call(Mock, two),
     good = gen_server:call(Mock, three),
     tree = gen_server:call(Mock, {echo, tree}),
     ok   = gen_server:cast(Mock, fish),
     Mock ! cat,


More Examples

See test/src/eunit_gen_server_mock.erl


Currently three expectations are supported: expect_call, expect_cast, expect_info.

The fun argument takes the same arguments as the respective handle_ gen_server call. However, unlike the handle_ calls, the response should be one of ok, {ok, NewState}, {ok, Response, NewState}. Anything else will be considered a failure.

For example:

  • expect_call(Mock, fun(Request, From, State) -> ok end)
  • expect_cast(Mock, fun(Msg, State) -> {ok, State} end)
  • expect_info(Mock, fun(Info, State) -> {error, State} end) (will raise an error, return {ok, State} for success)


Alpha. API may change depending on feedback. Hosted on Github - patches readily accepted.


  • skelerl, if you want to run tests
  • tested with eunit, should work with other libraries in theory

Bugs / Problems

I suspect that one could write a more general process mocking library relatively easily.



  • Nate Murray <nmurray [AT]> github
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