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paged uiscrollview with cocos2d used in Jacob's Shapes
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Paging UIScrollView with Previews in Cocos2D

This project shows how to create a paged UIScrollView with Previews in Cocos2D. It looks like this (video) iPhone Preview

Watch the video!

The Problem

Apple's UIScrollView paging doesn't support an arbitrary width argument. If you make a UIScrollView with a width smaller than the whole screen, then that view won't capture touches outside of that area.

Additionally, we are mixing Cocoa views and Cocos2d/OpenGL, and how they interact is not always obvious.

Basic Idea

We create a subclass of CCMenu and add panels as items. The CCMenu is scrolled as the UIScrollView is scrolled. The UIScrollView is set to be smaller than the whole screen: this gives us previews on either side of the current page. We create a full-screen TouchDelegatingView under the UIScrollView and use that to delegate touches that lie outside the UIScrollView.

There are a few custom classes mixed in, but that is the basic idea.

Panels Layers


This project uses cocos2d as a referenced project. You can see that in

Project > Edit Project Settings > User Header Search Paths

we have the environment variable $(COCOS2D_SRC). You set up this variable in:

Xcode > Preferences > Source Trees 

Then hit the plus '+' and add a variable COCOS2D_SRC to point to your cocos2d installation.


Written by Nate Murray for Jacob's Shapes, an iPhone game for toddlers.

It uses ideas and code from the following sites:


2010-09-17 - fixed how ios 4.1 deals with canceling touches

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