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My irbrc and zshrc.

Works on Ubuntu 10.10. Have not tested on anything else.

Forked from Niranjan's dotfiles.

.irbrc from irbrc by Iain Hecker,

.zshrc mostly from

.irbrc Features

  • pm : print interesting methods (excludes default Object methods) eg: pm Math

  • ap : awesome print. prettier pp. eg: ap HASH

  • time : method to time/benchmark function calls. eg: time { sleep 2 }

  • interactive_editor: use a full-blown editor to write, exit, and get it 'eval'd in the irb session. The content in the editor is persiststent across calls. You can even save it. Type "vim" or "mate" inside irb to start interactive_editor.

Does autocomplete (type Math. and press TAB) and reverse search (ctrl-r). The command history is persistent across sessions.

There is always a HASH and ARRAY defined. Good for playing with dummy stuff.

zshrc Features

Shows current git repo details. I removed some information which I found too verbose. You can get the clean zshrc from jcorbin's actual repo.

My vimrc is at