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-# Goldberg - Lightweight Continuous Integration Server
+# Goldberg
-Goldberg works for any language; it also supports RVM and Bundler for Ruby Projects. Visit [][] to see a live Goldberg server.
+Goldberg is a lightweight Continuous Integration Server that works for any language.
+It also supports RVM and Bundler for Ruby Projects.
-We are very helpful people - please add an Issue if you find a bug, or drop a mail to for any support.
-## Setting up your own Goldberg server
+Visit [][] to see a live Goldberg server.
### Installation
- git clone git://
- cd goldberg
- bundle install
- rake db:setup
-### Prerequisites
-* Ruby - CRuby 1.8.7/1.9.2 and JRuby 1.6.2 and upward are supported
-* Git > v1.6.5 and SVN > v1.6.0 (hg and bzr are currently unsupported, but are on the roadmap)
-* RVM if you want to be able to run projects on different rubies.
-* Your project should have a Gemfile to use [Bundler][].
-Goldberg is currently tested only on Linux/Mac OS X but should run on JRuby on Windows.
- # If you're on Ubuntu, you might need:
- sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev libncursesw5-dev
-### Setting up a production instance
-We suggest that Goldberg should be used behind apache, nginx or any such web server with passenger, unicorn or mongrel. If you don't have a setup that monitors and restarts processes, you should use a process monitoring tool like God or Monit to manage the server processes & restart them if they happen to die.
-A sample god script file <code>config/god-script.rb</code> is available with Goldberg. Details for setting up God can be found at []
-### Setting up a new repository
- RAILS_ENV=production bin/goldberg add <url> <name> [--branch <branch_name>] [--scm <git|svn>]
-By default it assumes the <code>master</code> branch. If you want to build on any other branch, use the -b --branch flag to specify it. The default command is <code>rake</code>, but you can also use "rake db:migrate && rake spec" if you have a rails project to build.
-Please note that by default, Goldberg times-out builds after 10 minutes. If you have a build that takes longer than this, you can increase the timeout period appropriately. Please see the section on Project Configuration for more details.
-### Removing the repository
- bin/goldberg remove <name>
-### Starting Goldberg
-In development mode simply run:
- rails server
-This will also start a daemon for building projects.
-In production mode, the web server & the build poller runs in different processes. The web server will have to be set up like any other Rails/Rack application. The poller will have to be run using:
- # Start just the polling/building without a front-end
- bin/goldberg start_poller
-There's a god-script under config directory which can be used to start a poller as a daemon process monitored by [God](
-### Tracking build status
-Goldberg generates feeds that work with all CruiseControl-compatible monitors like [CCMenu (mac)][], [BuildNotify (linux)][] & CCTray (windows). The feed is located in the root and is named `cc.xml` (for finicky monitors we also have cctray.xml & XmlStatusReport.aspx). eg: [cc.xml](
-### Configuration
-Goldberg will be checking out your code in ~/.goldberg. If you want to override this create an environment variable called GOLDBERG\_PATH.
-You can configure the poller by copying the `config/goldberg.yml.sample` to `config/goldberg.yml`.
-#### Project based configuration
-Every project in Goldberg can have its own custom configuration by checking in a `goldberg_config.rb` file at the root of the codebase or by adding it on the server under `.goldberg/projects/project_name/code`.
- #Goldberg configuration
- Project.configure do |config|
- config.frequency = 20
- config.ruby = '1.9.2' # Your server needs to have rvm installed for this setting to be considered
- config.environment_variables = {"FOO" => "bar"}
- config.timeout = 10.minutes # Defaults to 10.minutes if not configured. Set it to Project::Configuration::NO_TIMEOUT if you don't want it to ever timeout
- config.nice = 5 # Use this to reduce the scheduling priority (increase niceness) of CPU
- # intensive builds that may otherwise leave the Goldberg web application
- # unresponsive. Uses the UNIX `nice` command. Defaults to '0'.
- # Positive values have lower priority with a max of 19 on OSX and 20 on
- # Linux. You can set negative values, but we don't see the point.
- config.command = 'make' # To be used if you're using anything other than rake
- config.rake_task = 'ci' # To be used if your CI build runs something other than the default rake.
- # Not relevant if you're using config.command.
- = 'c42' # Running a lot of projects on one server? Use this to logically group them.
- config.use_bundle_exec = true # Run 'bundle exec rake', recommended for Rails projects
- config.bundle_options = '--without deployment mac' # Command-line options for bundle install
- end
-If you want the project to be checked for updates every 5 seconds, you will need to change the poller frequency to less than 5 seconds using `goldberg.yml` as mentioned above.
-#### Build Artefact publishing
+Please refer to
+### Desktop Notification of Build Status
-Goldberg allows you to publish build artefacts so that it's accessible from the web interface. Goldberg passes an environment variable 'BUILD_ARTEFACTS' ('BUILD_ARTIFACTS' is an alias) which contains a path on the server's filesystem. You need to, as part of your build, copy your artefacts (say, 'log/test.log', 'coverage/' or 'foo.gem') to the directory whose path BUILD_ARTEFACTS will provide. Goldberg will then publish these on the build page. You can copy over individual files or whole directories.
+Goldberg generates feeds that work with all CruiseControl-compatible monitors like [CCMenu (mac)][], [BuildNotify (linux)][] & CCTray (windows). The feed is located in the root and is named `cc.xml`. eg: [cc.xml](
### Help
@@ -106,11 +22,11 @@ Goldberg allows you to publish build artefacts so that it's accessible from the
### Talking to us
-If you find any issues/bugs, please add them to
+We are very helpful people - please add an Issue to if you find a bug, or reach us through any of the following channels:
- Twitter: [@GoldbergCI]( 'GoldbergCI')
- IRC: #goldberg
-- mail:
+- email:
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