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This is a Lorem ipsum generator written in PHP. It is based on the work of Mathew Tinsley and has been refactored so it can be used as a composer module and to match the PSR codestyle. The original code can be found here, or by looking at the very first commit.

Text generation is based on a fixed dictionary, and randomized using a Gaussian distribution of the word length. Supported output formats are HTML paragraphs (<p/>), preformatted and unformated plain text. Words per paragraph and number of paragraphs can be configured.

Once again, all credits for the implementation go to Mathew Tinsley, unless he stole it, in which case I don't mind taking the credit myself :)


    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""
    "require": {
        "classmarkets/lipsum-generator": "*"
use Classmarkets\LipsumGenerator;

$wordPerParagraph = 100;
$numberOfParagaphs = 1;

$generator          = new LipsumGenerator($wordsPerParagraph);

$htmlLipsum         = $generator->getContent($numberOfParagraphs, LipsumGenerator::FORMAT_HTML);
$preFormattedLipsum = $generator->getContent($numberOfParagraphs, LipsumGenerator::FORMAT_TEXT);
$plainLipsum        = $generator->getContent($numberOfParagraphs, LipsumGenerator::FORMAT_PLAIN);