Sleek, clean, and high tech theme for Redmine (and Chili project)
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Pepper - a Redmine theme

You develop great software. You use Redmine to manage your projects. Your Redmine instance should look at least as high tech and sleek as the software you develop.

Pepper is a Redmine theme that looks professional, generic enough to be usable by most organizations, while not becoming bland or boring - fitting for any high tech software company.

It has been tested with Redmine 1.2, and should work fine with Chili Project as well.


  • Fluid width design
  • Responsive design that adapts to small screens
  • Project selector moved to top menu
  • Copious amounts of CSS3 to achieve almost image-less styling


While Pepper has been designed for modern browsers, thus looks its best in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, it looks fine in IE9 and degrades gracefully for other less capable browsers.

  • Chrome 11
  • Firefox 5
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Safari 5


Using git, you can simply clone the theme into your Redmine theme directory like so:

$ cd /path/to/redmine/public/themes
$ git clone pepper

or you can download the theme archive from and follow the instructions at to install it.


The source of the theme is in Sass format, and you need Ruby, Sass (>= 3.1), and Compass (>= 0.11).

To build the final CSS:

$ compass compile

Never edit stylesheets/application.css as it will be overwritten by Compass.


Redmine homepage Project overview Issues list Issue New issue Administration settings



Pepper is licensed under the Expat/MIT License.