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πŸ“Š ReactJS Data Visualization Library based on D3.js
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Data visualization library for React based on D3js

REAVIZ is a modular chart component library that leverages React natively for rendering the components while using D3js under the hood for calculations. The library provides an easy way to get started creating charts without sacrificing customization ability.

πŸš€ Quick Links

✨ Features

Chart types include:

  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Hive Plot
  • Sankey Chart
  • Map Chart
  • Sparklines

Additional features:

  • Legend
  • Tooltips
  • Animations Enter/Update/Exit
  • Advanced Axis Configuration
  • Brush
  • Panning / Zooming
  • Gestures
  • Grid/Mark Lines
  • BigInt Support

πŸ“¦ Install

To use reaviz in your project, install it via npm/yarn:

npm i reaviz --save

then import a chart type into your JSX element:

import { BarChart } from "reaviz";

const data = [
  { key: 'IDS', data: 14 },
  { key: 'Malware', data: 5 },
  { key: 'DLP', data: 18 }

const App = () => <BarChart width={350} height={250} data={data} />;

Checkout this demo live or visit the demos page to learn more!

πŸ”­ Development

If you want to run REAVIZ locally, its super easy!

  • Clone the repository
  • npm i
  • npm start
  • Browser opens to Storybook page
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