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A demo app to show some Rails app configurations
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Cybros Core


This is a barebone Rails 6.0 app to show some basic configurations.

I'm used to maintain a barebone app that helps me build new project quickly, and this is extract from my side project initially for sharing my ideas to friends, but if this valuable to you, use it freely.


I hope this could be a template for new app, it should be production-ready, so I'll keeping polish the codebase, follow best practice, keep dependencies update

I don't wanna add too more features especially business-specific, but I'd like to perfection User system (based on Devise) because most of apps need this, and keep improving UI/UX relates works.

I list some help wanted, see below.


Classic front-end

Personally, I'm not skilled at front-end and I still prefer to classic Rails server-side rendering, and partially introduce React or Vue for complex pages.

A good example is Gitlab, I also cheat some useful helpers to this app.

Webpacker 4 without Sprockets

Webpacker can do all the jobs that Sprockets, and has full support of front-end community, So I remove Sprockets and tune Webpacker allows Assets Pipeline experience.

I do these:

  • Remove gems relates to Sprockets
  • Search and remove assets relates configs
  • resolved_paths: ['app/assets'] in config/webpacker.yml
  • app/javascript/packs/application.js require all static assets (images, webfonts, etc.)

CoreUI with Bootstrap, FontAwesome

See app/assets/stylesheets/application.scss

Application configuration

A hack about Rails Credentials

Rails Credentials is a useful feature to store security-sensitive configs.

But we can't bundle master.key and credentials.yml.enc isn't readable, So it's difficult to redistribution the app, I gave a PR to Rails but no respond, I consist thinking it's useful so I integrate it as a hack, see bin/rails.

So you can copy config/credentials.yml.example as config/credentials.yml, edit it, then run rails credentials:encrypt that will generate config/credentials.yml.enc and config/master.key for you.

A hack about ActionMailer configuration

Unlike database.yml, ActionMailer's config separates in many files, I do a hack that you can config ActionMailer in one place.

See config/mailer.yml

Codes in lib/monkey_patches/action_mailer.rb

Implemented a full-feature layouts & views

I don't have art skill but ... at least it works!

Overrides Form Helpers to enhance them support Bootstrap form validation style

The technique is in

See app/overrides/action_view/helpers/form_builder_override.rb

In addition, see config/application.rb how to require overrides.

Don't render ActionView's default error field wrapper

That's will break many CSS frameworks.

See config/initializers/action_view.rb

Undocumented yet


Run the app

  • Clone it
  • bundle
  • yarn
  • cp config/database.yml.sqlite.example config/database.yml
  • cp config/credentials.yml.example config/credentials.yml & rails credentials:encrypt
  • cp config/mailer.yml.example config/mailer.yml
  • rails db:migrate
  • rails s

Receive Devise confirmation mail

In development, I use mailcatcher to receive mails, run gem install mailcatcher to installed

Open a new terminal, run mailcatcher, then followed the instructions

Set user as admin

  • cp config/settings.yml config/settings.local.yml
  • Put your email into admin.emails
  • In user menu (right-top of pages), you should see Administration

Help wanted

  • UI/UX design & SCSS & HTML improvement
  • Layout for mails
  • Coding style & structural improvement
  • Try support uploading user avatar using ActiveStorage
  • Find bugs
  • Docker for deployment, including stages to compiling assets & copy ymls, easy to migrate to k8s


Sign in page Admin user page


MIT License.

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