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UEditor Rails

UEditor integration with Rails.


Go to test/dummy and rails s, remember bundle first.


Add the gem to your Gemfie gem 'ueditor_rails', :git => 'https://github.com/jasl/ueditor_rails.git' or gem 'ueditor_rails'.

bundle and run rails g ueditor_rails:install.


See app/assets/javascripts/ueditor_config.js.erb for detail.


require ./ueditor_config(which generated at installation) to your application.js first.


f.ueditor_text :body

ueditor_text_tag 'test2', 'text here'

ueditor_text_tag 'test1', 'text here', :id => 'xxxx', :width => 500, :toolbars => [["bold","italic","underline"]]

The option can be any which in ueditor_config.js.erb.

Upload backends

I don't want implement it, cause it's design depends your business, so you should do it by yourself. you can modify app/assets/javascripts/ueditor_config.js.erb like imageUrl: "<%= Rails.application.routes.url_helpers.ueditor_image_path %>" to make it available.

Cross domain support

Add UeditorRails.enable_cross_domain = true in a initializer or 'application.rb'.

More about UEditor

UEditor doc

Help me

You can open tickets to notice me bugs or suggestions, also you can fork it and send me PR.


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE. Jasl