Small GUI for designing simple lens arrangements.
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Small GUI for designing simple lens arrangements. Download all files into a folder and run by typing LensLab;

The file structure is simple, if in need of substantial refactoring:

  • LensLab.m - This is a class inherited from handle which defines the app layout and user interaction. As the app is primarily driven by clicking-and-dragging, most of the code here involves altering the WindowButtonMotionFcn of the figure, and reacting to calls to it.
  • DrawRays.m - This file is a bit of a mess, and handles the calculation of ray paths as well as drawing the rays and lenses in the figure axes. The first half parses the positions of the lenses stored as a property of the parent app (app.xpos and app.flength) and creates a cell array types and array params. Elements of types are either l or d indicating a lens or a section of free-space propagation. Elements of params are doubles defining either a focal length or a distance. The second half of DrawRays.m then uses these arrays to calculate image properties and ray locations.
  • FormatPlot - This simply makes the plot look nicer than the Matlab default. It takes a variable number of inputs in name-value pairs - see the file for more information.

![Screenshot](/Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 17.48.54.png)