cgi-bin scripts for the Photo Wall
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cgi-bin scripts for the Photo Wall

Note: It is very important to mention that the scripts from this repository are just PoC and do NOT offer any security-related features. I strongly recommend you to NOT make these scripts available on a server which can be accessed from the Internet, NOR in an Intranet you don't fully trust. Consider carefully if you can afford using in your environment computer software which does NOT take care of security, and in case you'll use these scripts, variations of them, or any code which is developed based on these scripts, you do it on your risk.

From security point of view these scripts are just on the level of PoC, and before making them available on any server make sure you do really understand the risk. Otherwise, I strongly encourage you to NOT use them directly but to develop your own scripts (feel free to use the ideas from the scripts here) which consider the specifics of your environment including (but not restricted on) the security aspects.

See and for further details. Or: for expert details on these scripts.