Slowness with IE8 compared to Jasmine 1.1.x #116

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dimacus commented Nov 22, 2012

Hey guys,

I've noticed a strange slowness with the new jasmine gem compared to the old version.

Have 3700 specs, running on IE8 Win 7

Anyways, not an actual issue but wondering if anyone know what could be causing the issue.

Runtime with Jasmine 1.1.x (Selenium-rc 2.20.0) 5 mins
Runtime with Jasmine 1.2.x (Selenium-webdriver 2.26.0) 13 mins

I'm wondering if there is a significant change in between RC vs Webdriver, or is it just parsing of rspecs, or JS slowness in the actual run.html.

I'd love to dig into the issue and try and fix it, would appreciate if someone could send me in the right direction so i'm not hunting between the 3 possibilities.


dimacus commented Nov 22, 2012

Side note, i've tried the IE driver stand alone executable, both the 64 and 32 bit version, and without it.


ragaskar commented Nov 27, 2012

I think the newer reporter (used in 1.2.x) has considerably more DOM manipulation and causes test reporting to run more slowly. Are you only seeing this slowness in IE, or is it across all browsers?

dimacus commented Nov 28, 2012

yes so far in IE8 (worst browser ever) only. chrome is just as fast, and so is Firefox


jboyens commented Jul 25, 2013

We've reworked the HTML reporting SIGNIFICANTLY for 2.0 so I expect it to be much faster for large test suites and even in IE8.

Please re-open if this continues to be an issue and we'll dig in deeper.

@jboyens jboyens closed this Jul 25, 2013

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