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Configure the server to pass to Rack::Server when starting jasmin #126

pivotal-chorus opened this Issue · 2 comments

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pivotal-chorus Thomas Harris Rajan Agaskar

We're using mizuno in jruby, but it doesn't set itself up to be automatically detected as an available rack handler, so we have to monkey patch Jasmine::Server#start to pass :server => 'mizuno' to get it to work

Thomas Harris

I sometimes want to test from a browser/os/mobile device that isn't set up as a dev environment, but I can't do this because the host is bound to localhost. I would like to see the ability to pass an entire options hash from Jasmin::Server to Rack::Server, which would solve my problem as well as @pivotal-chorus's.

Rajan Agaskar
Rajan Agaskar ragaskar closed this
Gregg Van Hove slackersoft referenced this issue from a commit
Elana Koren and Gregg Van Hove Allow custom rack options to be passed when starting jasmine server
[finish #57242710] fix #126
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