jasmine init installs deprecated jasmine.rake #62

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This is with the 1.1.0 version of the gem; 1.1.1 is broken per #60 so I can't test with it.

Repro steps:

rails new foo
cd foo
echo "gem 'jasmine', '1.1.0'" >> Gemfile
bundle update
jasmine init
rake -T

Expected result: works, no complaints.

Actual result, giant deprecation warning due to jasmine init still installing the now-deprecated lib/tasks/jasmine.rake:

>> rake -T

            You no longer need to have jasmine.rake in your project, as it is now automatically loaded
            from the Jasmine gem. To silence this warning, set "USE_JASMINE_RAKE=true" in your environment
            or remove jasmine.rake.

rake about              # List versions of all Rails frameworks and the environment
rake assets:clean       # Remove compiled assets

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This fixes the issue for me also.


I'm seeing the same thing with jasmine-1.1.2:
jasmine init && rake -T complains with a deprecation warning

If I remove lib/tasks/jasmine.rake then the Jasmine task is invisible (in my Rails 3.1 project):

 rake aborted!
 Don't know how to build task 'jasmine'

I have the same issue


I have the same issue


Not sure what the fix is here (there's no commits with this particular pull), but Rails projects should generally use the generators, not jasmine init. I'm not sure if jasmine init still works for any version of Rails, but we'll take a look.


@ragaskar no commits => this isn't a pull request, just a plain issue.

I believe I filed this back when starting work on a new Rails 3.1 project. IIRC, the generators just errored out as they hadn't been updated for Rails 3. If jasmine init isn't intended for Rails projects, then it's easily good enough to kick out an informational message when run from a Rails root directory ala:

It looks like you've got a Rails app.  We recommend running the Jasmine Rails generator, like so:
   rails g jasmine

If you're not actually using a Rails app, then you can override this warning like so:
   jasmine init --force
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Fixed in e071474

@jboyens jboyens closed this Jul 25, 2013
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