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Jasmine Core 3.10 Release Notes

New features and bug fixes

  • Added support for running Jasmine multiple times

    • If the env is configured with autoCleanClosures: false, then it can be executed repeatedly.
    • Merges #1934 from @nicojs
    • Fixes #1925
  • Improved error message when an async expectation occurs after the spec finishes

    • Merges #1937 from @AndreWillomitzer
    • Fixes #1854
  • Reject timeout values that are too large for setTimeout

    • See #1930
  • Don't immediately move to the next queueable fn on async error

    This allows assertion failures and other errors that occur after the async error to be routed to the correct spec/suite.

  • Added a stringContaining asymmetric equality tester

    • Fixes #1923.
  • The jasmine-core Ruby gem now prints a deprecation message when loaded unless the SUPPRESS_JASMINE_DEPRECATION environment variable is set.

Documentation updates

  • Added discussion of max timeout value to jsdocs

    • Merges #1931 from @trusktr
  • Added missing @since annotations

  • Improved jsdocs for asymmetric equality testers

  • Added a deprecation notice to the jasmine-core Ruby gem's description

Supported environments

jasmine-core 3.10.0 has been tested in the following environments.

Environment Supported versions
Node 10, 12, 14, 16
Safari 8-14
Chrome 94
Firefox 93, 78, 68
Edge 94
Internet Explorer 10, 11

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