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Jasmine 4.1.0 Release Notes

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • toBeCloseTo treats Infinity and -Infinity as close to themselves

  • Replaced uses of deprecated String.prototype.substr()

    • Merges #1962 from @CommanderRoot
  • Removed obsolete vendor-specific background-size CSS rules

  • Added toHaveSpyInteractions matcher

  • Pretty-print [new String("")] as "[ '' ]", not "[]"

  • Fixed cloning of Date objects in Spy#calls#saveArgumentsByValue

  • Include the name of the suite in the empty suite error message

  • toEqual checks keys that are Symbols

Documentation Updates

  • Replaced redundant installation instructions in README with link to docs

  • Added links to usage instructions to README

Supported environments

jasmine-core 4.1.0 has been tested in the following environments.

Environment Supported versions
Node 12.17+, 14, 16
Safari 14-15
Chrome 100
Firefox 91, 99
Edge 100

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