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Jasmine 4.2.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a asymmetric equality tester
    • Allows the use of === comparisons for specific fields of an object that should otherwise be compared with the default deep value equality logic.

Bug Fixes

  • More reliably report errors that occur late in the suite/spec lifecycle

    • Previously, an error that occurred after Jasmine started to report the suiteDone or specDone event for the current runable would not be reliably reported. Now such an error is reported on the nearest ancestor suite whose suiteDone event has not yet been reported.
  • Don't report a deprecation when a runnable uses two forms of async

    • This was made into an error in 4.0, so the deprecation is redundant.
  • Include property getter values in pretty-printed objects

Documentation Updates

  • Removed duplicate Suite and Spec jsdocs

Supported environments

jasmine-core 4.2.0 has been tested in the following environments.

Environment Supported versions
Node 12.17+, 14, 16, 18
Safari 14-15
Chrome 102
Firefox 91, 101
Edge 101

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