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Jasmine Core 5.0.0 Release Notes


This is a major release that includes breaking changes. It primarily adds support for parallel execution in Node via the jasmine package. Most users should be able to upgrade without changes, but please read the list of breaking changes below and see the migration guide for more information.

Breaking changes

  • Dropped support for Node 12, 14, and 16
  • Dropped support for Safari 14 and Firefox 91
  • Made Env#execute async and removed the callback parameter
  • Global errors are detected via addEventListener rather than setting window.onerror
  • The boot function exported by the core module returns the same object every time it's called.
  • Removed node_boot.js. Use the exported boot function instead.

New features

  • Support for parallel execution in Node via the jasmine package See the parallel guide for more information.
  • Added Node 20 to supported environments

Bug fixes

  • Accessibility: Always provide a non-color indication that a spec is pending
  • Accessibility: Improved contrast of version number and inactive tab links
  • Uninstall the global error handler at the end of env execution

Internal improvements

  • Updated dev dependencies
  • Dogfood parallel execution feature in CI

Supported environments

jasmine-core 5.0.0 has been tested in the following environments.

Environment Supported versions
Node 18, 20
Safari 15-16
Chrome 113
Firefox 102, 113
Edge 113

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