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Jasmine-Core 3.1 Release Notes


This release contains a number of fixes and pull requests

Pull Requests and Issues

  • Display error properties for failed specs

    • Merges #1516 from @jbunton-atlassian
  • Allow node to report load time errors

  • Fixing missing semi-colons

    • Merges #1512 from @Sylhare
  • Fixed release notes link

  • Added matchers: truthy, falsy, empty and notEmpty

    • Merges #1460 from @sjolicoeur
  • Add API docs for async reporters

  • Return for functions that have no actual words between keyword and (

    • Also fixes a potential catastrophic backtracking if someone has severely damaged their own toString during test execution.
  • Moved toHaveClass matcher into core so that it can be used in Karma

  • allow adding a deprecation object

    • Merges #1498 from @UziTech
  • Add CodeTriage badge to jasmine/jasmine

    • Merges #1505 from @codetriage-readme-bot
  • Resolve merge conflict

  • Fix release note typo

  • Only show deprecation for catch exceptions if you tell Jasmine not to catch

  • Add notes for environments that have lost support

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