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Point to head of jasmine_selenium_runner

jasmine_selenium_runner on master now has a fix for printing circular
objects which is needed since Jasmine has some circular objects that are
included now that we return passedExpectations (but was a bug with
    failedExpectations anyways)
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1 parent f7ff477 commit 48f7a5f17b2a47e9a35030e9c46d1527b20f4a4c @sheelc sheelc committed
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1 Gemfile
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
source ''
gem "jasmine", :git => ''
+gem "jasmine_selenium_runner", :git => ''
# gem "jasmine", path: "/Users/pivotal/workspace/jasmine-gem"
unless ENV["TRAVIS"]
group :debug do

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