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+# Making a Release of Jasmine Core
+Jasmine Core is this Github repo and contains all the core JavaScript code for the Jasmine BDD framework.
+It also contains two HTML pages for the Github Pages at
+## The Repo
+All of the JS for Jasmine is in the src directory. The specs for each file are in the specs directory. There are rake
+ tasks to concat all these files in the correct order.
+## The Pages
+Github pages have to exist in a branch called gh-pages in order for their app to serve them. This repo adds that
+branch as a submodule under the `pages` directory. This is a bit of a hack, but it allows us to work with the pages
+and the source at the same time and with one set of rake tasks.
+If you want to submit changes to this repo and aren't a Pivotal Labs employee, you can fork and work in the gh-pages
+branch. You won't be able to edit the pages in the submodule off of master.
+The pages are built with [Frank]( All the source for these pages live in the
+pages_source directory.
+## Running Specs
+Open the file `spec/runner.html` and all specs will run.
+## Releasing
+Once all specs are green and you've updated the version in `version.json`, you need to run the rake task to make a
+distribution: `rake jasmine:dist`.
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