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Commits on Jul 21, 2014
@pivotalangellist pivotalangellist Fixed typo in 773b15e
@pivotalangellist pivotalangellist Adding NPM instructions 760b50d
Commits on Jul 28, 2014
@sheelc sheelc Console reporter prints out failed expectation's message
Previously, was only printing out the stack while the html reporter
would print out the message as well as the stack. Now they should be
more consistent.

As noticed by @despairblue in #638
Commits on Jul 31, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Allow mocked Date constructor to be called with a subset of full params f2346d3
@slackersoft slackersoft fix casing for jshint cee3cc5
Commits on Aug 04, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Show a dot with color of pending spec when no expectations
[fix #76307802]
Commits on Aug 06, 2014
@javenwang javenwang a disabled suite should call resultCallback with status being disabled
close #574
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'javenwang-disabled-suite' 2c23d35
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'suite-start' of in…
…to javenwang-suite-start
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'javenwang-suite-start' 488df89
Commits on Aug 15, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Pull out the building of the jasmine interface so node and web both g…
…et the same one.
Commits on Aug 21, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Expose files and paths necessary to embed jasmine in an html page for…
… nodejs
@slackersoft slackersoft keep the files for running in a webpage around in the npm package
[Fixes #656]
Commits on Aug 23, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Version bump to 2.0.2 89232db
@slackersoft slackersoft Fix npm dependencies 6b937da
@slackersoft slackersoft bump to 2.0.3 to fix npm dependencies 3c051fc
Commits on Aug 24, 2014
@alexeibs alexeibs add better support of DOM nodes into equality matcher ac8ef29
Commits on Aug 25, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Remove runtime dependency on 'glob' so we have no runtime deps
- Clean up .npmignore a bit more
@slackersoft slackersoft Bump version to 2.0.4 now that I think npm files are sorted 3132d98
Commits on Aug 26, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Add some tests to make sure we're packaging up the npm properly ea57ad9
@tgirardi tgirardi Allow clearInterval to clear it's own interval
As described in issue #655, the handler of an interval cannot
successfully clear the same interval that generated it's invocation.

Solve this issue by changing the order in which interval's handlers are
called and then rescheduled to: first reschedule it and then call it.

The actual order (call first then reschedule) produces that, during the
execution of the interval's handler, the handler is not registered as
a function to run after a timeout or interval ("scheduledFunctions"),
because it was previously unregistered. Consequently, if the handler
calls clearInterval, that function wont be able to find the handler and
remove it completely.
@slackersoft slackersoft Don't run npm package specs in browsers 18eb6e2
Commits on Aug 27, 2014
@Gerg Gerg Reports expectation failures in afterAlls
This makes the specs green and appears to work for most cases. I have a
number of concerns about the implementation and would appreciate

- Suite#addExpecationResult infers if it is coming from an afterAll fn
  based on if the first child of the suite is finished. This assumes
  that the first child of the suite is a spec (this appears to be true
  as long as there is at least one spec in the suite)
  - Suites behave like unfinished specs. Because suites will propagate
    expectation failures to their children suites, the afterAll
    expectation reporting appears to work for suites without specs
    unless you have:
    1) An otherwise empty suite with an afterAll
    2) An afterAll'd suite whose first suite is empty (or whose first
    suite's first suite is empty (and so on))
- Changed afterAllError to afterAllEvent, so it can accommodate both
  errors and expectation failures. The reporter now receives a string
  instead of the actual error object. The loss of the object doesn't
  affect our reporters, but may be a nice-to-have for other reporters/
  the future.
- The gap between the expectations caught in Suite and QueueRunner (who
  triggers reporting via an injected callback) is an array injected into
  QR by the Suite. The array is then flushed at some point (currently
  after the attempt… functions). This works, but is a bit goofy.

@slackersoft slackersoft Move afterAll reporting into Suite since that's where they're being t…
@tjarratt tjarratt Rewrite an incorrect suite spec 35f52bc
@Gerg Gerg Refactor suite to share reportExpectationFailure func
This was shared between our suite factory and the suite factory.
@tjarratt tjarratt Report AfterAll failures as they occur
There didn't seem to be a valid reason to wait until the very end to
report these.
@tjarratt tjarratt ConsoleReporter exits 1 when afterAll events occur
[Finishes #67068790]
Commits on Aug 28, 2014
Greg Cobb and Tim Jarratt Revert "Deprecate suite/spec ordering hook ."
This reverts commit 76fafa0.

@tjarratt tjarratt Improve quality of async timeout for afterAll spec
We found that this test was always passing and had strange interactions
with the ordering of other specs. Rewriting it to explicitly finish the
afterAll after a specified interval makes it fail correctly.

@tjarratt tjarratt Run before,afterAlls as 'eachs' when specifying runnablesToRun
- Fix bug where beforeAlls were being mutated in Suite#execute
- When Env.execute() receives a list of runnables, beforeAlls and
  afterAlls are collected as beforeEachs and afterEachs. This allows
  runnables to be specified in any order, regardless of if any of them
  have before/afterAlls.
- Spec constructor takes a single function that returns both before and
  afters, instead of two functions. This breaks the current interface
  for constructing a Spec.

@tjarratt tjarratt Preserve relative order of "alls" w.r.t. "eachs"
[Finishes #73742528]
@slackersoft slackersoft Detect global object properly when getting the jasmine require obj
- Pull global detection into requireCore and pass the global to base

Fix #569
[fix #73684570]
@Gerg Gerg Adds a fit function to Env
@Gerg Gerg Add focused describe
@Gerg Gerg Focused runnables play nicely with beforeAll/afterAll
@Gerg Gerg Trim extraneous whitespace 64a67ed
@tjarratt tjarratt Add a test documenting fits in fdescribes
Yo, this probably isn't the best behavior. Rspec and Ginkgo definitely
do not exhibit this behavior when you nest focused runnables inside
other focused runnables. We thought fixing it, but it seems like a
nontrivial refactoring would be necessary to clean this up.

@Gerg Gerg Expose fit and fdescribe in boot.js
* adds done() callbacks to existing specs (because we forgot, whoops!)

[Finishes #73742944]
Commits on Aug 29, 2014
@tjarratt tjarratt Ensure focused tests are only run once
Required duplicating some of the logic for constructing a suite from
describe so that we could mark a suite as focused in fdescribe, but
otherwise this prevents focused tests from being run more than once.

@tgirardi tgirardi Add specs for intervals that "clear themselves"
Add specs to test if issue #655 is present: the handler of an interval
cannot successfully clear the same interval that generated it's

The most direct test consist in setting an interval with a handler that
calls clearInterval over that same interval and make the clock tick for
double of it's period. If the issue is present the interval's handler
will be called twice. If the issue is not present, the first invocation
of the handler will avoid a second one (because of the clearInterval).

Another test is included in order to check if recurring scheduled
functions are rescheduled before being called. Doing this in the reverse
order is the exact cause of the issue.
@Gerg Gerg Factor out some common logic between fdesc and desc 6b857d1
Commits on Sep 02, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'issue655' of into t…
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'tgirardi-issue655' e8178d0
Commits on Sep 04, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Suites report errors in `afterAll`s in the `suiteDone` event
- remove `afterAllEvent` from reporters
@slackersoft slackersoft Check afterAll failure messages with regexp, since some browsers add …
…more info
Commits on Sep 05, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Check for afterAll failures in a more browser independent way.
- Only look at the message, so browsers that don't provide a stack don't
  blow up.
@Gerg Gerg Only run focused runnables inside focused suites
- Focused runnables now walk up the tree to unfocus the first focused
  ancestor. Because of the way the tree is constructed, this makes sure
  that each focused runnable has no focused ancestors.

Commits on Sep 07, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Refactor toThrowError to be less one huge if/else if/else if block
- This should also improve it's code climate score as well.
- It's also about 20 lines shorter now too :)

Commits on Sep 09, 2014
@Gerg Gerg Suite result status added when suite is complete
- This makes it easier to detect afterAll failures, because we can
  rely only complete runnables having statuses

[#78306786 & #73741654]
Commits on Sep 13, 2014
@mkhanal mkhanal Added returnValues functionality to spy strategy 709e032
Commits on Sep 14, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Use === when checking for circular dependencies for pretty printing. 84dff42
Commits on Sep 15, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'chain_spy_andReturn' of
 into mkhanal-chain_spy_andReturn
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'mkhanal-chain_spy_andReturn' 752e831
Commits on Sep 16, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Build distribution for earlier fixes c82c958
Commits on Sep 21, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Don't depend on debugger gem, we don't really have any ruby code here. fa837ae
@slackersoft slackersoft update contributing doc to indicate use of jasmine-npm 41df058
Commits on Sep 22, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'trackReturnValues' of
… into pimterry-trackReturnValues
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'pimterry-trackReturnValues' dc93c33
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'patch-1' of into…
… paladox2015-patch-1
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'paladox2015-patch-1' 59aaac0
Commits on Sep 23, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Add explicit `fail` function.
- Adds an expectation failure to the current spec

[finishes #70975468] Fix #563
@slackersoft slackersoft update doc comment for boot.js to match current documentation 15f3d0e
Commits on Sep 24, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'toThrowError_refactor' 6d10f97
@chernetsov chernetsov when jasmine clock is installed and date is mocked new Date() instanc…
…eof Date should equal true
Commits on Sep 25, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft build distribution for toThrowError refactor f703539
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'beforeAll' into master
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'master' of into c…

Fix #678 Close #679
@slackersoft slackersoft Add `fit` and `fdescribe` to the public interface
They got lost in the merge
Commits on Sep 26, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Allow custom timeout for `beforeEach`, `afterEach`, `beforeAll`, `aft…
…erAll` and `it`

Fix #483
@slackersoft slackersoft Fix custom timeout specs for firefox 66c3645
@slackersoft slackersoft set suite status to failed when afterAll has failures eefa716
Commits on Sep 27, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Build distribution for suite failed status changes a58fd20
Commits on Oct 01, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Remove type from queueableFns since we're not using it to determine a…
…fterAll anymore.
@slackersoft slackersoft Use rake tasks in the docs repo to test it 6ab7092
@slackersoft slackersoft bundle exec the docs rake tasks cfc64a6
@slackersoft slackersoft Use the Gemfile from the docs repo 0c77c6c
Commits on Oct 02, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Add explicit fail and move on for async functions
- `done` now has a `fail` property which will call the global `fail`
  then continue to the next function in the queue

[finish #73744618] Fix #567 Fix #568
Commits on Oct 05, 2014
@Gerg Gerg Adds suiteResults method to JsApiReporter
- Behaves similarly to to specResults
- Since suites were stored in an object instead of an array and the
  current interface exposes this object, we now must keep track of suites
  twice in the reporter. We cannot just construct the object lazily,
  because then the object will not update with new suite results
  like it does currently (see JsApiReporterSpec:148).

@Gerg Gerg Fixes CI for IE8
For some reason, when you put this spec in a describe block, it causes
specs to hang on IE8. I tried to debug this for a while, and I have no
idea what is happening.

Commits on Oct 07, 2014
@akoptsov akoptsov Fixed path to src files in node_example
There's no such folder as 'jasmine_examples'
Commits on Oct 08, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'akoptsov-patch-1' 9ad15ee
Commits on Oct 09, 2014
@Gerg Gerg JsApiReporter suiteResults only includes suite results
- It was including suite starts also

@Gerg Gerg Fixes additional odd IE8 failure
@Gerg Gerg Fixes console check for IE8
- Was causing IE8 to hang for some reason
- Also reverts previous commit, not that issue was resolved

[#79533268][fixes #80356450]
Commits on Oct 11, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Deprecate console reporter
- jasmine-npm has its own version so it's no longer dependent on this

[finish #80410002]
@slackersoft slackersoft Oh right, IE doesn't have `console` by default
@slackersoft slackersoft Let's just use the `print` function that's passed in for deprecation …

@slackersoft slackersoft build distribution with deprecated console
@slackersoft slackersoft Pass in the current distribution when running node specs
- npm package spec can use beforeAll/afterAll now
- also depend on github repo directly instead of the tarball

[finish #80505862]
@slackersoft slackersoft Use the jasmine-npm tarball, since that works on travis
Commits on Oct 12, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Add notes for releasing new versions of the docs b67a195
Commits on Oct 17, 2014
@ertrzyiks ertrzyiks Fixed isPendingSpecException test title 3b557f8
Commits on Oct 22, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #691 from ertrzyiks/fix-spec-title
Fixed isPendingSpecException test title
Commits on Oct 25, 2014
@moonmaster9000 moonmaster9000 Name / Email / Org updates in README 325c5a2
@moonmaster9000 moonmaster9000 Added Sheel to the Maintainers Emeritus list cf83ae4
Commits on Oct 30, 2014
@charleshansen charleshansen toContain works with array-like objects (Arguments, HTMLCollections, …

Fix #699
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'charleshansen-to_contain_array_like_objects' d4fc787
Commits on Nov 01, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Revert "toContain works with array-like objects (Arguments, HTMLColle…
…ctions, etc)"

IE 8 doesn't have Array.prototype.indexOf so this breaks there.
Reverting until we can figure out a better way to solve across all
supported browsers.

This reverts commit 663fbd0.
Commits on Nov 03, 2014
@charleshansen charleshansen toContain works with array-like objects (Arguments, HTMLCollections, …

Fixes #699

Don't rely on Array.prototype.indexOf for testing containment (not in IE8)
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'charleshansen-to_contain_array_like_objects' 816b7d7
Commits on Nov 04, 2014
@tkrotoff tkrotoff Simplifies SpecRunner.html
No need to specify type="text/javascript" for script tag
No need to specify type="text/css" for link tag with rel="stylesheet"
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #700 from tkrotoff/patch-1
Simplifies SpecRunner.html
Commits on Nov 06, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Add release notes for previous releases, so they can be removed from …
…the wiki

Commits on Nov 11, 2014
Davis W. Frank Adding first crack at 2.1 release notes 9b5c20c
Davis W. Frank Fix for wayward underscore and Anchorman bug 75e5a5c
Davis W. Frank Updating links in release notes 66c8624
Commits on Nov 14, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft bump version to 2.1.0 590a9d9
@slackersoft slackersoft Attempt to use selenium runner from source, to fix dependency loop 216b404
Commits on Nov 15, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Top-level suite triggers suiteStarted and suiteEnd to be consistent
Fixes #706
@slackersoft slackersoft bump version to 2.1.1 97ab0cb
@slackersoft slackersoft add release notes and standalone dist for 2.1.1 25c546a
Commits on Nov 16, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Suites still run their children even if none are executable
- Continue skipping beforeAll and afterAll

Fixes #707
@slackersoft slackersoft bump verion to 2.1.2 2517ddf
Commits on Nov 22, 2014
@amavisca amavisca Update travis badge c3de57a
@joshk joshk Use the new build env on Travis
better faster stronger

more ram, cpu, faster boot times, better network

docs coming soon
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #712 from joshk/patch-1
Use the new build env on Travis
@slackersoft slackersoft Don't keep the expected and actual for a passed expectation
- It causes memory problems in phantom and you probably don't need it

Fixes #640 Fixes #690
Commits on Nov 29, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Top level suite no longer reports suiteStart and suiteDone
- jasmineStart and jasmineDone are reported separately

Fixes #716
Commits on Dec 01, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft version bump for 2.1.3 4b6789c
@slackersoft slackersoft add standalone dist for 2.1.3 b56c2a6
@slackersoft slackersoft change 2.1.3 release notes filename to match others dc7be9c
Commits on Dec 02, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Just return the result directly from `any` and `objectContaining`
- They return false when they fail which means not equal.
@slackersoft slackersoft pass through all args from external interface for befores, afters, its
Fix #483
Commits on Dec 05, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Reschedule all functions for a tick before executing any
- This allows any function run during a tick to cancel any other in the
  same tick.

Fixes #708
@slackersoft slackersoft ObjectContaining no longer tries to track exact mismatches
- equals wasn't looking at it anyways, so just bail as soon as something
  is different.
@slackersoft slackersoft Add spec to verify custom query params are left alone
Commits on Dec 09, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Properly record finishing an `xdescribe` so further cleanup works
Fix #724
Commits on Dec 11, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Hide more things from the npm package
Fixes #726
Commits on Dec 16, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Keep extra query params when focusing on a spec or suite
[finish #29578495]
@slackersoft slackersoft Also check custom properties on Arrays when computing equality
[Finishes #50616649]
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'toEqualDomNodes' of
…into alexeibs-toEqualDomNodes
@slackersoft slackersoft toMatch requires the `expected` to be a String or RegExp
- Otherwise it was using the `toString` as the RegExp, which is almost
  definitely _not_ what you want.

Fixes #723
@slackersoft slackersoft Also test in IE 11 on travis eca8d8f
@slackersoft slackersoft Display the name of the constructor when pretty printing objects
Fixes #598 [finishes #81228592]
@slackersoft slackersoft spyOn explicitly checks to see that a method name to spy on was passed.
[finish #27689237]
Commits on Dec 17, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Rename `jasmineMatches` to `asymmetricMatch`
- This should be more clear what it is for

[finish #82295210]
@slackersoft slackersoft Check for `ObjectContaining` on either side of equality.
- Also clean up `undefined` check.

Fixes #682
@slackersoft slackersoft Don't double escape focus spec links.
- QueryString already escapes parameter values, no need to escape when
  passing them in from HtmlReporter.

[finish #29578495]
@slackersoft slackersoft Just check if either side implements `asymmetricMatch`
- Don't explicitly look for `Any` or `ObjectContaining`

@slackersoft slackersoft Allow asymmetric equality testers to preempt their symmetric brethren
- Also allow them to be compared to each other properly.

Fixes #540
@slackersoft slackersoft Add `anything` matcher to match any value that is neither null or und…

[finish #58117878] Fix #186
Commits on Dec 19, 2014
@rohit rohit Fix URL's of Jasmine repositories on Github c85500a
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #730 from rohit/patch-1
Fix URL's of Jasmine repositories on Github
@slackersoft slackersoft Add asymmetric equality tester to match a string against a regexp
- Also move the asymmetric testers into their own dir for easier

[#58120558] Fix #243
@slackersoft slackersoft Build distribution to properly expose `stringMatching`
Commits on Dec 20, 2014
@rohit rohit Allow null prototype obj to be compared for equals
Fixes #729
Commits on Dec 21, 2014
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'rohit-equals-null-protoObjects' 895c17e
Commits on Jan 12, 2015
@moonmaster9000 moonmaster9000 Link to the Jasmine NPM module
Also, put the jasmine-<language> links above the confusing "install jasmine on your local box" stuff (why would I want to do that?)
Gregg Van Hove Merge branch 'moonmaster9000-patch-2' aeae141
Gregg Van Hove Update readme with link to upgrading doc and mention browser support.
Fix #739
Gregg Van Hove Use the stack trace from the Error object if supplied
Fixes #734
Gregg Van Hove Fix `fail` specs for all browsers #734 c1479ac
Gregg Van Hove Merge branch 'arrayContaining' of
 into slackersoft-arrayContaining

Merge #440 [Finish #59947350]
Gregg Van Hove Don't forget to buildDistribution
- Also fix jshint errors

[#59947350] #440
Gregg Van Hove Allow `createSpyObj` to be called with just an array of method names
[Finish #50757607] #321
Commits on Jan 14, 2015
@rohit rohit Use new jasmine github repo url 9ad3eac
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #745 from rohit/fix-repo-url
Use new jasmine github repo url
@swirlycheetah swirlycheetah fix spelling mistake 20faa88
Commits on Jan 15, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #746 from swirlycheetah/patch-1
Fix spelling mistake
Commits on Jan 21, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Update contribution guide to mention possible ffi dependencies for Ub…

Fixes #755
@slackersoft slackersoft `anything` and `stringMatching` have custom pretty-print now. 1dd4af3
Commits on Jan 24, 2015
@Gerg Gerg Fix jslint issues 1936a36
@Gerg Gerg Prevents *Alls from running when runnables are explicitly set
- This requires passing if runnables are set to the Suite. Hopefully in
  the future we will change how focused runnables and *Alls interact so
  this is no longer necessary.

Commits on Jan 25, 2015
@ptomato ptomato Fix some SpiderMonkey lint
SpiderMonkey complains about functions not always returning a value. In
most cases that is a conscious code style choice, so it is not fixed

In one case (MockDate) the interpreter thought you could have fallen off
the end of a "switch" statement, although the number of arguments
prevented that. This was fixed by changing the last case to "default".

In another case (QueueRunner) the function really did return a value
sometimes and nothing other times, although as far as I could see, it
could only ever return "undefined". The function now explicitly only
returns no value.

See #751
@ptomato ptomato Set jasmineGlobal correctly in GJS
In GJS, jasmineGlobal was not getting set to the global object; when
importing jasmine.js in GJS, "this" resolves to the jasmine.js module
object, not the global object. Solve this specifically for GJS by
assuming that `window.toString === '[object GjsGlobal]'` only in GJS; if
this is the case, assign "window" to "jasmineGlobal".

Adding a "var" to the declaration of "getJasmineRequireObj" is also
necessary, or else "getJasmineRequireObj" won't be exported in the
Jasmine module.

See #751
Commits on Jan 26, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Add jshint to node run on travis
- To ensure that pull requests pass

[Finish #59588854]
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'spidermonkey-compat' of
 into ptomato-spidermonkey-compat
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'ptomato-spidermonkey-compat' 5dbcf27
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'gjs-global-object' of
…into ptomato-gjs-global-object
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'ptomato-gjs-global-object' a857f4c
@slackersoft slackersoft Allow `pending` to take a reason and show it in the HtmlReporter
[#78954014] Fix #671
Commits on Jan 27, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Add a basic bower config
- Also ignore sauce_connect.log

Fix #719
Christopher Amavisca Restructure node examples folder structure to look more realistic.
- Updates PlayerSpec's require statement to match folder structure change
Commits on Jan 30, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Initial cut of release notes for 2.2.0 39e175c
@slackersoft slackersoft update 2.2.0 release notes now that I've pulled a26e85f
Commits on Feb 02, 2015
Greg Cobb and Gregg Van Hove Update release notes and bump version for 2.2.0 4acb744
@gabrielhpugliese gabrielhpugliese Fix missing comma on bower.json d22a030
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #763 from gabrielhpugliese/gabrielhpugliese-patch-…

Fix missing comma on bower.json
Greg Cobb and Gregg Van Hove bump version to 2.2.1 for bower fix e173cd1
Commits on Feb 04, 2015
@danilovaz danilovaz Update year copyright 7616e5a
Julie Ralph Allow arrays from different frames or contexts to be equal 53b0752
Greg Cobb and Gregg Van Hove Merge branch 'juliemr-arrayfix'
Fixes #765
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #768 from danilovaz/master
Update year copyright
Greg Cobb and Gregg Van Hove Updates pretty printer to include array properties
[fixes #766][finishes #87644044]
Commits on Feb 05, 2015
Christopher Amavisca Add keywords to package.json 471a241
Christopher Amavisca Update bower.json keywords to match package.json keywords 6177a4a
Christopher Amavisca Add test script to package.json
- Use `npm test` in travis-node-script
Christopher Amavisca Remove unused standaloneBuilder var from Gruntfile e1249ac
Greg Cobb and Gregg Van Hove ObjectContaining matches prototype properties 69956bf
Commits on Feb 09, 2015
@joscha joscha add missing semicolon cdee9c8
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #775 from joscha/patch-1
add missing semicolon
Commits on Feb 20, 2015
@toddbranch toddbranch remove unnecessary conditional bbac4bb
Commits on Feb 23, 2015
@sgravrock sgravrock Don't use hardcoded temporary directory paths 0776146
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
@Gerg Gerg Fixes issue where mock clock was being used by QueueRunner
- If the mock clock was installed in a beforeAll, the QueueRunner would use the mock clock for its own clock.  If the mock clock was ticked more than the default timeout, async specs would timeout.

[fixes #783 #792]
Commits on Feb 27, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Add safari 7 & 8 to browser matrix ce6ce4e
Commits on Feb 28, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Fix spec so it can be run in isolation
relates to #790
Commits on Mar 02, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Implement TreeProcessor to solve some issues with running the suite
- execute beforeAll/afterAll once per suite instead of once per child
  when running focused specs/suites Fixes #773
- refuse to execute an order if it would cause a suite with a beforeAll
  or afterAll to be re-entered after leaving once
- report children of an xdescribe similarly to how they would be
  reported if they were themselves x'd out Fixes #774
- only process the tree once instead of figuring it out again at each

[finishes #87545620]
Fixes #776
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #789 from sgravrock/safe-temp-dir
Don't use hardcoded temporary directory paths
Commits on Mar 03, 2015
Gregg Van Hove Clean up some TreeProcessor stuff.
- Properly segment parents of segmented suites
Gregg Van Hove Show the name of the constructor function when printing an `any`
- instead of a `toString` of the entire constructor

Fixes #796
Commits on Mar 04, 2015
Gregg Van Hove and Molly Trombley-McCann Build distribution for previous changes 1c6f4ef
Gregg Van Hove and Molly Trombley-McCann Merge branch 'remove-unnecessary-conditional' of…
…oddbranch/jasmine into toddbranch-remove-unnecessary-conditional
Commits on Mar 05, 2015
Gregg Van Hove Allow the clock to be installed for the duration of a single closure
[finish #67434180]
Gregg Van Hove Don't use deprecated `onComplete` syntax for jasmine-npm 1a08d1e
Gregg Van Hove and Molly Trombley-McCann Allow user to stop a specs execution when an expectation fails
[finish #1165916] #577
Commits on Mar 06, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Use `onclick` directly to better support older webkit f0c480f
@slackersoft slackersoft Properly inject j$ into Suite eb1d983
Commits on Mar 14, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Update to ruby 2.x for travis builds
- sauce gem allowed cmdparse to upgrade a major version and 3.0 of
  cmdparse requires ruby >= 2.0.0
Commits on Mar 15, 2015
@sgravrock sgravrock Correctly handle functions that are scheduled after the clock is unin…
…stalled and reinstalled from within Clock#tick.

Fixes #790.
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'sgravrock-clock-reset' 46044dd
Commits on Mar 18, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Properly pass `j$` to `Any` so it can use other jasmine stuff
Fixes #806
Commits on Mar 26, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Style disabled specs in the results list 692c871
Commits on Mar 27, 2015
Gregg Van Hove and Nikhil Gajwani Don't install the clock if the current timing functions aren't the or…

[finish #64116664] Fix #782
Commits on Mar 30, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Don't throw if we're already handling an exception
[finish #91407284]
Commits on Apr 01, 2015
@jhamon jhamon Pull urls out of paragraph to improve readability 5cae401
@jhamon jhamon Use code fence syntax around git workflow for readability. 76bc0a8
Commits on Apr 02, 2015
@infews infews Merge pull request #815 from jhamon/contributing-subjective-readabili…

Subjective readability improvements to
Commits on Apr 06, 2015
@lpww lpww Update formatting
Remove periods from bullet points for consistency with rest of document
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #818 from lpww/patch-1
Update formatting
Commits on Apr 09, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Use `instanceof` when checking Error types in toThrowError
Fixes #819
Commits on Apr 19, 2015
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Explicitly state the main JS
# Problem

To bring this lib in using Sprockets, you must do this:

//= require jasmine/lib/jasmine-core

Sprockets can read `bower.json` and, if `main` is explicitly stated in the file, you can do the much more future-proof and compact:

//= require jasmine

# Solution

Explicitly specify it.

# Caveats

I am not super-versed in Bower or JS packaging, so this is proposed in the vein of "this fixes my problem and seems consistent with other JS libs I've looked at", but I'm open to other solutions.
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #827 from davetron5000/patch-1
Explicitly state the main JS
Commits on Apr 28, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft version bump to 2.3.0 5ea24a8
@slackersoft slackersoft Fix cp command for release documentation 19f812c
@slackersoft slackersoft remove dist zips from the repo. They should all be available on githu…
…b releases
Commits on May 05, 2015
@evoL evoL Point Bower's main field to jasmine.js, which is browser-friendly. b89fbc7
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #843 from evoL/fix-bower-package
Make the Bower package use browser-friendly files.
@slackersoft slackersoft Bump version to 2.3.1 to create a new bower package 3dde7d0
@slackersoft slackersoft use a link for the PR in release notes 023c998
Commits on May 07, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft A spec without a function provided should be `pending` not `disabled`
Fixes #840
@slackersoft slackersoft bump version to 2.3.2 426eebe
Commits on May 10, 2015
@prather-mcs prather-mcs Remove dead CSS class styles
I removed the `.showDetails` and `.summaryMenuItem` styles from the Sass
file because I believe that no HTML elements with those classes will
ever be generated by Jasmine and that they are dead code that someone
forgot to remove.

This is my first contribution to the Jasmine project and so I might be
doing something wrong, but I believe just this one change will propagate
to all the generated code when it is built, and that I should not be
altering any other code in any other place to accomplish the change I

This is related to Jasmine Issue 847:
Commits on May 11, 2015
@Vindicarian Vindicarian Set the shared user context correctly when executing the top level suite
Fixes #846
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'remove-dead-css' of
 into prather-mcs-remove-dead-css
@slackersoft slackersoft Bump version to 2.3.3 0b2097b
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'prather-mcs-remove-dead-css' e9d79bc
Commits on May 12, 2015
@prather-mcs prather-mcs Remove the style rule for .running-alert CSS class f2bc9b5
Commits on May 13, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Update standalone installation instructions to reference the releases…
… page

Fix #603
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'remove-dead-css' of
 into prather-mcs-remove-dead-css
@slackersoft slackersoft Fix ordering for suites with more than 11 direct children.
- When no specs were focused, they all had the same precedence, and
  `sort`ing them caused some of the nodes to move around

Fixes #850
@slackersoft slackersoft Bump version to 2.3.4 0b14492
Commits on May 14, 2015
@prather-mcs prather-mcs Make the HtmlReport CSS classes "unique enough"
As described in Issue Report 844...
#844 rules in the app-being-tested may incidentally affect elements
in the Jasmine HTML Report container, as long as there is a chance that
the app-being-tested has CSS style rules for classes (or IDs) that
Jasmine uses.

This fix attempts to bring Jasmine to a state where each and every class
it uses always ends with "_jasmine-css" which should be unique enough to
ensure that CSS in the app-being-tested won't affect the Jasmine report,
because no app-being-tested is ever likely to use classes that end with

I'll be surpised if this commit is good enough as it is now, on the
first attempt to fix #844, because of reasons I'll explain in either
the Issue or the Pull Request.
@prather-mcs prather-mcs Make the HtmlReport CSS classes "unique enough"
The only difference between this commit and the previous is that I have
used a difference scheme for naming Jasmine CSS classes.

Instead of appending "_jasmine-css" to all Jasmine CSS selectors, I have
now preprended "jasmine-" instead.
Commits on May 17, 2015
@danfinnie danfinnie Raise an error when jasmine.any() isn't passed a constructor 302e78f
@lpww lpww Update
Rephrase confusing statement:

If when you run ($ grunt) see that JSHint runs your system is ready.

Now run ($ grunt)...if you see that JSHint runs, your system is ready.
Commits on May 18, 2015
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'danfinnie-any-vs-anything-error' 2a847a6
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge branch 'unique-css-classes' of…
…asmine into prather-mcs-unique-css-classes
@slackersoft slackersoft Merge pull request #856 from lpww/patch-1
Commits on May 19, 2015
Gregg Van Hove and Noah Denton Use the travis sauce connect addon 4be2079