Standalone Jasmine 1.1.0 only contains lib/ folder #134

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TEHEK commented Sep 26, 2011

Well... title says it all...

The User guide says open "SpecRunner.html". So I guess, that makes 1.1.0 not working out of the box.

As a solution you can:

  • download any previous release,
  • unpack it,
  • unpack 1.1.0,
  • copy lib from 1.1.0 into previous release (merge lib/ folder)
  • adjust paths in SpecRunner.html
mcaprari commented Nov 4, 2011

Same problem here... It would be great to have a working "gettin started" document.


Yes, it's a bug, the jasmine 1.1.0 folder is actually in the RC... yes, both of them are there. I don't know why this hasn't been noticed/fixed still. Makes me feel like this project is abandoned.

TEHEK commented Nov 22, 2011

Nope.. last activity just 4 days ago... It's probably just too many pull requests and we just go unnoticed with this packaging stuff. Anyway, hope people will google "jasmine 1.1.0 problem" or "jasmine 1.1 not working" and land here :)

mrchess commented Mar 5, 2012

Still not fixed :(


Upvote. I would love to see this fixed. Seems like a simple oversight in the packaging, but the fix is a long time coming?

infews commented May 26, 2013

I've referenced this story for when this gets cleaned up.

Basically we're moving away from the now deprecated GH Downloads and moving the old distributions into the repo.


Please try upgrading to 1.3.1 as we're not supporting 1.1 anymore. It should be fairly straightforward, but please let us know.

Distributions can now be found in the repo here

@slackersoft slackersoft closed this Oct 4, 2013
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