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UI (jasmine-html.js?) issues/annoyences #145

timmolendijk opened this Issue · 4 comments

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There are some issues in the UI that bug the heck out of me:

  • Checking 'passed' or 'skipped' does not persist -- whenever you rerun some tests you are back to unchecked.
  • Clicking on a block of tests (on its underlined heading to be precise) is supposed to result in rerunning just those tests, yet any failing tests outside of this block will still run (resulting in weird summary statements such as "1 spec, 3 failures in ...s")! So you still get all the errors from the various failing tests at the same time, making it needlessly hard to debug.
  • And then we have my main problem (confusion?) with Jasmine; why oh why does it catch and hide all exceptions and errors for me, leaving me with nothing but a static stack trace?!? That's taking debugging back to 1995! See also here.

I'm running 1.1.0 (final).


+1 on these issues, especially the non-persistent 'passed' and 'skipped' options.


Regarding my second point; it looks like what is happening is that not only failing test are still executed, but just all tests are always executed, regardless of selection or not.


the "other" specs should be skipped, not actually run. But since Jasmine doesn't stop a spec on failure, it is possible to have more failures than there are specs. Which might be why you're seeing odd counts.



The behavior around skipped and pending specs on master - and what's targeted for 2.0 is much more obvious behavior than before.

If you see this type of bevhavior on master, please open a new issue. Thanks for the feedback. This issue helped a lot with spec execution behavior for 2.0.

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