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Creating a matcher for equals-method #167

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I don't know if you do this, but I build my ValueObjects with an equals-method. So I can define my own conditions to the equality of two objects. These are to be compared by


As the standard matcher from jasmine doesn't check for this method, I wrote my own matcher:

toBeEqualTo: function(expected) {
    return this.acutal.equals(expected);

TypeError: Cannot call method 'equals' of undefined

Really? I was quite sure about the rest of the code, so I reversed it:

toBeEqualTo: function(expected) {
    return expected.equals(this.acutal);

Error: Expected { method : Function, equals : Function, ... } to be equal to { method : Function, equals : Function, ... } at ... bla

Huh? So now I'm confused. Are these objects undefined or equal but not equal?

Also, my objects have a toString/toJSON method, I like those to be used if I see them printed out.


How are you calling your toBeEqualTo method? It sounds like there's some things not getting defined here.

You do realize you have a typo for actual? This may be what is causing your problem, if this code is directly copy-pasted from your implementation. We set this.actual, not this.acutal.


Also note that Jasmine allows for custom equality testers. This is very poorly (read: NOT) documented for 1.x. But for 2.0 we're making it more explicit.

Look at the matchers_redo branch to see how you can add your own equality tester to the equals work. This will then get used everywhere that equality is tested (e.g., toContain, toHaveBeenCalledWith).


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