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Hard to copy the title of a failing spec #287

dwt opened this Issue · 1 comment

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It is currently styled in a way so that the entire red backdrop of it's title is clickeable.

While this is fine it actually makes it really hard to select the title to copy it and search for it in you $EDITOR.

This is my workflow when I find a broken test:
1) Click on it in jasmine to execute just it
2) Select its title
3) hit command-e (to get it into the search clipboard)
4) switch to $EDITOR
5) hit command-shift-f and enter to search it in the entire project

Voilla now I'm at the test and can start fixing it.

BUT: since the entire area is clickeable now, I can't start a selection anywhere over the link. Thus I have to start slightly below it, which means the ending newline and dot is also included in the copied text.

Then I have to remove that cruft after switching to my editors find in project feature.

And this is the problem.

My suggestion:

  • Remove the trailing dot - it serves no purpose
  • Change the markup / css so that only the text itself is clickeable and the area to the right of it can be used to start a selection.

Closing this in favor of #295.

@infews infews closed this
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