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Is there a reason the "pages" subproject uses a private repo URL? Makes it a pain to build pages when using jasmine as a submodule.


infews commented Nov 20, 2010

The ghpages submodule is really a link back to the ghpages branch. The submodule link is just for convenience. If you need to make edits you can make them on the branch.

I understand that. It's just that the submodule URL in .gitmodules is for the private repo. This isn't really a problem for using jasmine as a submodule in your project since you don't need to git submodule init/update the pages submodule (which will give you an error if you try). But if you're using this submodule in a gh-pages branch in your own repo, github will not be able to build your page because (I assume) it is trying to recursively pull in all submodules, and it errors on the pages submodule. I understand that it's more convenient to include a private submodule URL for people with access to the repo (so they can push/pull without going into the gh-pages branch), but it's inconvenient for others. You can always make the primary URL public, and add another remote reference with the private URL.


infews commented Jan 28, 2011

We've moved the pages over to the Github wiki. it should be easier for the community to add useful docs. And it should remove the need for the community to mess with the gh-pages branch at all.

Awesome, thanks :)

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