Global leak detection support #310

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Would be nice if Jasmine has something like this builtin:


I really want to keep Jasmine's responsibilities at a minimum, so it is unlikely we will add built-in global leak support. That said, we'd be more than happy to respond to feature requests for hooks that would permit a separately maintained plugin to provide leak support.

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Wait, a test framework that has spies and mocks built-in and 3 reporters has minimum responsibility?


More accurately it's that we don't have a strong or unifying opinion on a lot of potential features. We'd rather make it easy for the community to pick what they want to add to Jasmine. Our job is to make it easy to provide a given feature set and the hooks/ability to add what you want on top of that.


Every JS testing framework out there has global leak detection support built-in. How do you not have a "unifying opinion" on this? This begs the question, how do you guys test for global leaks on IE? I will be more convinced with this argument if you guys had documented all the extension points clearly. I only see addMatchers documented, everything else is just listed as a method name with no comment in a rather useless JSDoc. There are 3 beforeEach methods. Suppose I want all my suites to be able to detect and report global leaks, do I override jasmine.Suite#beforeEach or is there a better way to keep things DRY?


We agree about all of the problems with the current codebase. We've started on 2.0 now - you can see the 2_0 branch if you want to see progress. The foundation of the coming release is going to be a well-factored, clearly unit-tested codebase. This makes it far easier to add features and take pull requests. JsDoc will be going away in the short term.

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