Allow toThrow() matcher to match a regular expression #343

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It would be very useful to be able to match the error message of the Error to a regular expression. Ex:

expect( function() {
    throw new Error( "Invalid: xyz" );
} ).toThrow( /Invalid/ );

Probably a fairly simply change. Would just run RegExp.test() on the Error's message.

infews commented Mar 16, 2013

Seems like a good idea. Want to take a crack at it?


Sure, I'll take a look-see.


Hmm, just checked out, but unit tests fail?

OhaiBBQ commented Mar 19, 2013

hey greg, I just checked out locally and can't reproduce that. Any more info?

sheelc commented Apr 7, 2013

I was able to see 2 spec failures on master with grunt execSpecsInNode. The version of lib/jasmine-core/jasmine.js is out of date with the spec files (rake core_spec is unaffected since it seems to run against the non-concatenated js files in src/). A grunt buildDistribution gets everything all consistent and passing.

Perhaps these were the unit test failures that Greg saw? Either way, it seems like the checked in version of jasmine.js needs to be updated?

infews commented May 27, 2013

closing as this shouldn't be a problem on source. But yes, its not in the built jasmine yet.

@infews infews closed this May 27, 2013
jsplaine commented Dec 2, 2013
  • 1 put it in the build?
sheelc commented Dec 3, 2013

This feature is in the built distribution and part of the latest rc (v2.0.0.rc5) under 'toThrowError'.

Passing a regex to 'toThrowError' checks that the thrown error message matches the regex. Passing a regex to 'toThrow' will check that what was thrown is an equivalent regex.

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