afterEach is called twice before an async test is run #48

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An example can be found in the JustKidding project. I will try to reduce the issue to a smaller test case, but for now,

  1. clone git://
  2. check out e5f894168eed8c010ddf286d5d712123a1c6f6d9
  3. run just the group "when there are more elements..."

Console output has to "afterEach" statements first, then a "beforeEach" statement, then an "it" statement.


infews commented Jan 30, 2011

Great idea, but the only difference I see in output is that the "it" console log statement is never reached. There are still two "afterEach" statements and they're both before the "beforeEach."

I have fixed my tests now, so this isn't such a pressing issue for me. Still, the runner-wide afterEach blocks seem to be firing during setup, which is odd. Not problematic any longer, just odd.

infews closed this Jun 19, 2011

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