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pigulla commented Jan 31, 2011

It would be immensely helpful if Jasmine had a way to generate code coverage reports. Is anything like this planned for the future?


infews commented Jan 31, 2011

No plans at the moment. We have so much we want to do with tests that coverage is really out of scope.

Jasmine is a great JS test framework but it yields to not-so-great ones like jsTestDriver, Expresso because it is missing code coverage, which is a must have for any large project. Are there any plans to work on CC?

kav commented Jul 16, 2011

Just wanted to add a plus one here in the event anyone is considering building such a feature on top of jasmine. Love jas but I'm definitely missing coverage reports.

searls commented Jul 16, 2011

I've used JSCoverage in conjunction with Jasmine. It was a royal pain to get working, but I wouldn't recommend adding it to Jasmine if it'll distract from anything more worthwhile. Coverage is of only moderate utility at best and easily abused/over-emphasized

If someone out there wants to write a generic coverage tool that's decoupled from the test library, but more portable than JSCoverage, more power to you!

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