json test fails under 1.9.2 #52

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claco commented Feb 6, 2011

Running tests under rvm 1.8.7@jasmine-gem and rvm 1.9.2@jasmine-gem, with a fresh bundle install under each. All tests pass under 1.8.7, but the json_pure test fails under 1.9.2:


  1. Jasmine bug fixes require 'json_pure' should not happen until SeleniumDriver is initialized, which is late enough that it won't conflict with Rails
    Failure/Error: json_is_defined.chomp.should == "nil"
    expected: "nil",
    got: "" (using ==)

    ./spec/bug_fixes_spec.rb:19:in `block (3 levels) in <top (required)>'

@ragaskar ragaskar was assigned Jun 19, 2011
infews commented Jun 19, 2011

We moved this code in the Gem specifically for this issue. Odd that it's still a problem. Sending to Rajan to rake a look.

claco commented Jun 19, 2011

Ha ha. I forgotten about this since I've been off of 1.9.2 for a while. I'll try reproducing this again just to make sure it's still valid.


Should've been fixed by 1.0.2. We have a build at http://cibuilder.pivotallabs.com:8080 that builds jasmine in various environments; we should mostly be green across the major rubies (some, like jruby, require installing the very latest release). You may still find ruby version issues that aren't covered by the tests, if you do, definitely open an issue.

Thanks for using Jasmine!

@ragaskar ragaskar closed this Jun 19, 2011
claco commented Jun 24, 2011

Confirmed fixed. Thanks!

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