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Execute specs in random order #583

demisx opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Hi. Is it possible to force specs execute in random order, similar to RSpec? That would help to detect interdependencies between the specs early.



Not directly at the moment. But many have asked for this.

We have a feature coming that would enable all sorts of fun things regarding which specs are run and in which order. You can follow this story in our backlog.


@infews infews closed this

FYI, couldn't follow that story. The "Follow story" checkbox is disabled for my login.


Has any progress been made on this front?


The current way to run your specs in a random order is to call Env.execute and pass in a list of spec or suite ids in the order you want the specs to run. When we first started implementing beforeAll and afterAll we consciously broke this functionality until we could figure out how we wanted to handle arbitrary ordering with the Alls. We made sure not to release Jasmine in a state where passing an order to execute didn't work, but doing so made Alls behave like Eachs. This has been changed on master, and they should behave as expected going forward.


Couldn't modifying the TreeProcessor achieve this?

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