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`npm install jasmine-core` installs different contents for same version #608

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Installing jasmine-core through npm on a Mac OSX and Ubuntu 13.10 (on a virtual machine) yields different contents for version 2.0.0.

The Mac OSX version seems to have the more recent contents including line whereas the Ubuntu installation does not.

As a result the code I am looking at fails on Ubuntu but works on Mac OSX.

I am trying to debug this issue further, but so far am stuck with npm repeatedly installing the same specific content, even after clearing the caches.

@cburgmer cburgmer referenced this issue in HumbleSoftware/js-imagediff

Jasmine2 fix #37


Thanks for finding this. We'll take a look and see what's going on. Very odd.


I've created a bug in our Tracker backlog.


@cburgmer There doesn't seem to be an easy way to use jasmine from node anyway. I'm a bit shocked to find that installing it via npm doesn't create a bin entry in my node_modules so that I can't just do npm t when I add jasmine to the test scripts key.

Is out of the box support for node really that weak? mocha seem to have done the right thing...


I am unsure now whether this is connected to jasmine. One goal of raising this ticket here was to find out whether there was a pre-release upload to npm.

Right now I believe that npm might have used a locally cached version of an older git checkout installed over npm using the git URL. I sadly haven't sat down to further debug this behaviour, especially as I've nuked the cache on my OSX system believing that the Ubuntu installation was at fault (and so trying to maintain the version for debugging purposes there).


I'm not sure how we would go about trying to reproduce this. Are you still seeing the issue? If not, can we close this?

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This is probably much more an issue with npm.

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