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There are times when the code just reads better with the "specify" function name.

Here is an example: specify("the first element is pulled") reads much better than it("the first element is pulled").

I have 2 commits in this pull request. The first one is the aliasing change and the second one is the modified files after I ran "rake spec".


infews commented Jan 8, 2012

Thanks for this work and idea. But we're not going to pull this request.

We don't want to extend the interface of Jasmine except when explicitly required. This aliasing can be done in a helper function - run once per suite - and thus any project can pick their verbs.

@infews infews closed this Jan 8, 2012


thedeeno commented Feb 25, 2012

hmm, I don't get how to do this in a helper. What should I be hooking the aliases onto? The following hasn't worked for me (coffeescript):

[global].specify = jasmine.getEnv().it

# or

beforeEach ->
  @env.specify =
  # or
  @specify = @it


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