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Removed stray bullet from a blank unordered list. #203

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Thanks, I think that stray bullet is actually an unfinished list, IE; it's not a category within which Support and Maintainers lie. Davis, can you comment?


Think this has been fixed ... closing.

@ragaskar ragaskar closed this
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Commits on Mar 19, 2012
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@@ -8,12 +8,7 @@ Documentation & guides live here: [](http://pi
## What's Here?
-## Support
+### Support
* Search past discussions: [](
* Send an email to the list: [](
@@ -21,8 +16,7 @@ Documentation & guides live here: [](http://pi
* View the project backlog at Pivotal Tracker: [](
* Follow us on Twitter: [@JasmineBDD](
-## Maintainers
+### Maintainers
* [Davis W. Frank](, Pivotal Labs
* [Rajan Agaskar](, Pivotal Labs
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