Alias functions: "before" for "beforeEach" and "after" for "afterEach" #43

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I found when porting specs from Screw.Unit, I would have suites that would silently fail when not replacing 'before' with 'beforeEach' and 'after' with 'afterEach'. Aliases are useful in this case. Functions added to base.js with specs.

rossta added some commits Jan 6, 2011
@rossta rossta Ignore .rvmrc 9ebd130
@rossta rossta Provide alias 'before' for 'beforeEach'. Tests preceded by a call to …
…'before' would silently fail. This alias is useful for porting specs from another testing library like Screw.Unit, which uses 'before'.
@rossta rossta Alias 'after' for 'afterEach' 3d5ac34

Thanks for the patch. We've already been considering this and will make a similar change soon, possibly even deprecating the *Each versions.

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