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fat commented Feb 9, 2011

Here's my proposal for beforeAll and afterAll support. This also includes the code cleanup commit...

Let me know if you'd prefer a separate request without it.

thanks :)

fat-bot added some commits Feb 9, 2011
@fat-bot fat-bot code bitttchhhing.
+ normalize whitespace around functions
+ cleans up for loops (decrements when possible)
+ replace splice with unshift
@fat-bot fat-bot + adds support for beforeAll afterAll 5349885
raid5 commented Jul 14, 2011

Why was this closed? I need functionality like this.


+1 for beforeAll/afterAll. Perhaps this going to get implemented by the jasmine team instead?

fat commented Oct 10, 2011

edit ooops - no i'm crazy, here's the open beforeAll/afterall ticket :P #56

This issue was closed.
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