added a flunk() helper function #57

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It's sometimes useful to explicitly break a test with a message. I added a flunk function that allows that. You'd use it like this:

it( 'should do some stuff', function(){
  flunk( 'TODO: going to lunch' );

Do we need the extra method 'flunk'? Why not just call it fail and allow an option message?


We do have plenty of ways of creating a failing spec. Why make this explicit?

Or, here's another argument. With a proper concept of "Pending", would you still want this?


Yes, if there was a proper pending concept I would say an explicit flunk is probably superfluous.

For me, I just want something easy to use that marks a test as intentionally b0rk3d/not passing right now. Whether that's a flunk() or a pending() doesn't make much difference.

@moredip moredip merged commit 9a12b32 into jasmine:master Sep 13, 2011
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