Stop Jasmine's CSS affecting the style of the body tag #600

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lee101 commented Jun 3, 2014

in jasmine's CSS file there's some code which affects the body, this interferes with the style of the page your testing. Jasmines CSS should only effect Jasmines elements i think.

ragaskar commented Jun 3, 2014

I suspect this change represents a regression in the appearance of the reporter. Happy to see jasmine not put styles on the body directly, but the reporter should generally look the same.

Would also like to see jasmine reporter classes prefixed with a jasmine_, if you're interested.

sheelc commented Jun 7, 2014

Looks pretty close to the original style with the additional commits and thanks for adding the jasmine_ prefix.

The only noticeable difference is the default 8px margin that the browsers add which puts a white frame around the reporter. Negative margin of -8px makes it look back to normal in all browsers while allowing space for "jasmine_content" (if using the jasmine gem or something similar). I'm not sure how I feel about the negative margin but maybe this a good use case for it? Maybe I'm too caught up on the white frame but it does look quite a bit nicer without it. Any thoughts @lee101, @ragaskar?

infews commented Jun 23, 2014

I'm fine with a negative margin if that's what keeps things as expected.

@sheelc sheelc closed this in aac6968 Jun 23, 2014
sheelc commented Jun 23, 2014

Cool, merged in with the negative margin then. Hopefully that works out (visually seems fine at the moment).

@infews infews reopened this Jun 23, 2014
infews commented Jun 23, 2014

Thanks to learning, this got re-opened.

@infews infews closed this Jun 23, 2014
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