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@slackersoft slackersoft Updated Home (markdown) dbc503f
@slackersoft slackersoft Update jasmine download links 9ae6be1
@ragaskar ragaskar Destroyed Asynchronous specs (markdown) af557ac
@vance vance Updated Asynchronous specs (markdown) 67ecbab
@vance vance Created Asynchronous specs (markdown) aba8c24
@slackersoft slackersoft Destroyed Release Notes, Jasmine (core) 1.3 (markdown) 458e1c9
@slackersoft slackersoft Destroyed Release Notes (markdown) 9c0c7bc
@slackersoft slackersoft Update release notes url 1929b3d
@slackersoft slackersoft Destroyed Asynchronous specs (markdown) 90374b8
@slackersoft slackersoft Destroyed Matchers (markdown) dc7a82f
@slackersoft slackersoft Destroyed Before and After (markdown) d1e4dcc
@slackersoft slackersoft Destroyed Spies (markdown) dcfb447
@slackersoft slackersoft Destroyed Suites and specs (markdown) da5a7a1
@slackersoft slackersoft Destroyed Contributor's guide (markdown) 338a020
@nmccready nmccready Updated Home (markdown) 975fe34
@andrelevi andrelevi Added note about Jasmine 2.0's change in asynchronous support. 0de62f8
@sheelc sheelc Destroyed Virtus pro jove mod pack (markdown) 2b0c29f
Tim Marinin change this.addMatchers -> jasmine.addMatchers b2db671
@wheresrhys wheresrhys Updated addMatchers docs to new API d29847f
@jove811 jove811 Created Virtus pro jove mod pack (markdown) 559ec1a
@bamorim bamorim I changed to markdown and added code highlighting. adb141a
@fardelian2 fardelian2 Rephrased waitsFor() message to match the exception message being thrown. 52d36d8
@ragaskar ragaskar Updated Home (markdown) 781d3d7
@sheelc sheelc Remove direct to link SpecRunner.html and instead link users to the standalone distributions page, [fixes #449] 87b700b
@pavellishin pavellishin Updated Matchers (markdown) a55d160
@slackersoft slackersoft Updated Home (markdown) 509b8a3
@graue graue fix error in comment: "nestedSuiteBar is not defined" (was "undefined") c192a0a
Davis W. Frank fixed contributing link 3b26c4f
@dreamingfurther dreamingfurther Updated A Ruby project (with or without Rails) (markdown) a1a4da8
@durrantm durrantm SpecRunner.html was not in subdirecgory it was in the root. 5b9b333
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