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Statistical ray-tracing in Python/SciPy
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tracer - a Pythonic statistical ray-tracing software with solar energy focus.

Tracer (temporary name) is (to be) a statistical ray-tracing engine and
suite of tools focused on solar energy applications.

The motivation for writing tracer:
* Current solutions lack programmability and extensibility
* Unless you pay megabucks
* De-facto standard tools of the trade are non-free, so bugfixing
  etc. depends on someone else,
* Usability in the solution closest to our budget is poor, and no Linux
  port is available.

Tracer is written in Python, using NumPy and SciPy for the math side of things.

The code is an early proof-of-concept stage. We are focusing on an early
version useful enough to attract others.

Currently there is no installation package, just copy the files into
the Python path.

Make sure the following dependencies are installed:
* NumPy
* SciPy
Both available from

To test that things are working, run the test-suite in the tests/
subdirectory, using nosetests or some similar tool.

Also check out as a starting-point to the code. Running it
requires matplotlib to be installed

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