Tests (currently ruby-based) for the 2Seeds Kariakoo project
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Repo: KariakooTests

Cucumber Tests for the ([2Seeds Kariakoo] http://www.2seeds.org/kariakoo/) project

Application code is here: /http://www.2seedmis.freevar.com

How to see the tests:

  1. Bring up in browser: https://www.relishapp.com/jasnow/KariakooTests/docs/

How to run the tests:

  1. Run git clone https://github.com/jasnow/KariakooTests

    You need two things: Gemfile and features directory to run the cucumber tests.

  2. Run bundle install.

  3. Run cucumber. Currently I have 2 feature files and both files fail because app returns "ERROR".

How to learn more about http://Relishapp.com

  1. Run relish help to see how to use the shell commands for www.relishapp.com.

How to add more tests

  • Will accept Pull Requests so fork the code on Github and send me a pull requests.