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Software Quality Craft

Build Status

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    • start =1=> MAIN-PAGE =2=> SURVEY =3=> REQUEST =4=> ADMIN-LOGIN =5=> SEND-EMAIL =6=> CONFIRM-EMAIL =7=> ACCOUNT =8=> WAIT
  2. T00: Base all work on existing "softwarequalitycraft" Github repo. Please do not delete stuff without asking.

    2b. T00.5: Please fix tests as they break.

    2c. T00.6: Encourage frequency (LOTS) of "pull requests" when things become stable.

  3. T01: Merge app/views/devise/registrations/prototype.html.erb with existing main page (between steps 1 & 2).

  4. T02: Insert Survey (named: surveyor) between steps 2 and 3. Change the "Request Invite" to "Take Survey" on main-page.

  5. T03: After survey (step 3), email survey-results to me and send response to user.

  6. T04: Send me a SMALL email each time someone registers (step 4). ** Probably duplicate if we do T03 **

  7. T05: Move "Sign In"/"Users" (alerts) below the top bar.

  8. T06: (Extra Credit) Can we support Back button?


    • Localhost:3000 to main-page
    • LOGIN: main-page to Login Dialog
    • Login-Dialog (email, PW, Remember Me, "Sign In" button, "Forgot your password? link)
      • Login-Dialog back to main-page
    • Logout
      • Back to main-page
    • Edit Account
      • Edit-Dialog (name, email, PW, PW-C, C-PW, Update button, Cancel-Account)
    • Admin
      • Admin-Dialog (10,50,100,500,1000-Bulk-Invites, Click on 1 user, chart-stuff)
    • SIGNUP: SignUp back to main-page
    • REQUEST-INVITE: main-page-Dialog
    • "X" (top right corner)
    • Close
    • main-page-Dialog to Request-Dialog
      • email + request-invitation
      • request-dialog
  10. Background:

  11. License: TBD

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