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Main St Mission's food-pantry-manager

Build Status

##Who Are We?

Main Street Mission

Main Street Mission is food pantry in China Grove, North Carolina, USA. The mission provides food and other donated items to members of the community in need. This project aims to create an inventory and volunteer tracking system for use in food pantries and food banks. There are not any good options for software for the small non-profits that run these pantries. This project will create a software system tailored to the needs of Main Street Mission and other food pantries.

##Why Should You Help?

The mission provides food for about 250 families each month. About 200 children are given school supplies each August. The mission also provides meals for families on holidays. This is only one food pantry in the US. In 2010 5.6 million households accessed emergency food at a pantry in the US. Contributing to this project gives you an opportunity to help this organization and the people it serves. Are you trying to learn Ruby on Rails? Great, we would love to help you learn and it gives you an excellent example to add to your resume/cv while contributing to a project that helps people.


  1. Fork the repo via Github
  2. git clone your fork
  3. If you don't already have bundler installed, get it by running gem install bundler
  4. Run bundle install to download all of the project's dependencies
  5. Run rake setup
  6. Make some changes
  7. Tests the changes bundle exec rake
  8. Submit a Pull Request on github (We would like to review the code)
  9. Keep being AWESOME!

##Talk to us

We have a google group mailing list. Feel free to ask us questions there, or report a problem with an issue here on github. If you have a problem with anything not code related, then send us a message on the mailing list and we'll do the best we can to help you out.