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# Be sure to restart your server when you modify this file.
# Your secret key is used for verifying the integrity of signed cookies.
# If you change this key, all old signed cookies will become invalid!
# Make sure the secret is at least 30 characters and all random,
# no regular words or you'll be exposed to dictionary attacks.
# You can use `rake secret` to generate a secure secret key.
# Make sure the secrets in this file are kept private
# if you're sharing your code publicly.
secret_key_base: e069af5ac34af0496e0e4c55b5ce3f3ed8c3aaceae1ed8c4b69ec174632d779bf6b2ab416eff70a2093f2c90453480b7af4d86d30d769d54769dedb7dac72c2e
secret_key_base: 47b45eea12fee419d10e0b2228b2c44389a2287788567c837d6d84dfd084ef07da1c43a323d316dc9af2e782ca6a2a6e94130fa2a28a55081938ceebd671d2cb
secret_key_base: c8398c82d5a6ab1dd9b7e51f659d29fca775b260b0d451d3ad9625cdc29a40de84d45437440deb431876ac35a4590c1ce31d4bb16979f5d4da68ff3ac002832d