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# Source file or directory to parse
source: src
# Directory where to save the generated documentation
destination: docs
# List of allowed file extensions
extensions: [php]
# Mask to exclude file or directory from processing
# Don't generate documentation for classes from file or directory with this mask
# Don't generate documentation for classes with this name prefix
# Character set of source files
charset: auto
# Main project name prefix
main: Jasny\MySQL\
# Title of generated documentation
title: 'DB-MySQL · API documentation'
# Documentation base URL
# Google Custom Search ID
# Google Custom Search label
# Google Analytics tracking code
googleAnalytics: UA-32388850-3
# Grouping of classes
groups: auto
# List of allowed HTML tags in documentation
allowedHtml: [b, i, a, ul, ol, li, p, br, var, samp, kbd, tt]
# Element types for search input autocomplete
autocomplete: [classes, constants, functions]
# Generate documentation for methods and properties with given access level
accessLevels: [public]
# Generate documentation for elements marked as internal and display internal documentation parts
internal: No
# Generate documentation for PHP internal classes
php: No
# Generate tree view of classes, interfaces and exceptions
tree: Yes
# Generate documentation for deprecated classes, methods, properties and constants
deprecated: No
# Generate documentation of tasks
todo: No
# Generate highlighted source code files
sourceCode: Yes
# Add a link to download documentation as a ZIP archive
download: No
# Wipe out the destination directory first
wipeout: Yes