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About the website

Feel free to use any part of this website (except the Jasny logo). The website it's released under the CC0 "No rights reserved".

CC0 is a static website, hosted on GitHub pages. It has no installation or build process.


The website is written for HTML5 and crafted by hand with the use of a simple text editor.


No CSS preprocessors are used, it's just plain old CSS.

Responsive design

Media queries and viewport percentage lengths are used to create a responsive design. The layout transitions seamlessly from one to the other viewports by combining relative units %, vh and vw with the absolute unit px. This contrasts most designs, which have specific breakpoints where the layout changes.

Example: An element should have a 10px padding for a viewport width of 400px or less. For a width of 900px or more, the padding should be 20px. Between 400px and 900px we smoothly transition from 10px to 20px.

padding: 10px;

@media (min-width: 400px) {
  padding: calc(2vw + 2px);

@media (min-width: 900px) {
  padding: 20px;


The website uses vanilla JavaScript rather that a JS framework. If you're used to working with jQuery and are interrested in writing native JavaScript, check out the website 'You might not need jQuery'.

Browser support

The website is only properly displayed with a browser that support the transform property.

Older browsers (like IE9) are displayed a message and link to This is done with the outdatedbrowser.js library. AJAX for this library has been disabled.