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;;;; clinenoise.lisp
(in-package #:clinenoise)
;;; "clinenoise" goes here. Hacks and glory await!
(defconstant +linenoise-default-history-max-len+ 100)
(defconstant +linenoise-max-line+ 4096)
(defparameter +unsupported-term+ '("dumb" "cons25"))
(defparameter *mlmode* nil)
(defparameter *history-len* +linenoise-default-history-max-len+)
(defparameter *history* nil)
(defparameter *completion-callback* (lambda (x) (declare (ignore x)) nil)
"Function to call for completions.
Takes the current line as a parameter, and returns a list of possible completions
Does not currently indicate the position of the cursor when the completion was requested")
(defstruct (linenoise-state (:conc-name ls-))
(defparameter *unread-char* nil)
(defun my-read-char (fd)
(if *unread-char*
(pop *unread-char*)
(with-foreign-object (ch :char)
(loop for len = (cread fd ch 1)
if (= len 1) return (code-char (mem-aref ch :char))
if (< len 0) do (error 'eof-error)))))
(defun my-unread-char (ch fd)
(declare (ignore fd))
(push ch *unread-char*))
;;; Low level terminal handling ;;;
(defun linenoise-set-multiline (ml)
(setf *mlmode* ml))
(defun is-unsupported-term ()
(let ((term (getenv "TERM")))
(member term +unsupported-term+ :test #'equalp)))
(defmacro with-raw-mode ((fd) &body b)
(with-gensyms (orig-termios)
(once-only (fd)
`(with-foreign-object (,orig-termios '(:struct termios))
(tcgetattr ,fd ,orig-termios)
(enable-raw-mode ,fd)
(progn ,@b)
(restore-tty ,fd ,orig-termios)
(format *standard-output* "~%"))))))
(defun enable-raw-mode (fd)
(unless (isatty fd)
(error "Not a TTY"))
(with-foreign-object (raw '(:struct termios))
(tcgetattr fd raw)
(with-foreign-slots ((iflag oflag cflag lflag cc) raw (:struct termios))
(setf iflag (logand iflag (lognot (logior +brkint+ +icrnl+ +inpck+ +istrip+ +ixon+)))
oflag (logand oflag (lognot +opost+))
cflag (logior cflag +cs8+)
lflag (logand lflag
(lognot (logior +echo+ +icanon+ +iexten+ +isig+)))
(mem-aref cc 'cc-t +vmin+) 1
(mem-aref cc 'cc-t +vtime+) 0))
(tcsetattr fd +tcsaflush+ raw)))
(defun restore-tty (fd orig-termios)
(tcsetattr fd +tcsaflush+ orig-termios))
(defun get-columns ()
(with-foreign-object (ws '(:struct winsize))
(if (or (not (zerop (ioctl 1 +tiocgwinsz+ (:pointer (:struct winsize)) ws)))
(zerop (foreign-slot-value ws '(:struct winsize) 'col)))
(foreign-slot-value ws '(:struct winsize) 'col))))
(defun linenoise-clear-screen ()
(format *standard-output*
"~C[H~C[2J" #\Escape #\Escape)
(finish-output *standard-output*))
(defun linenoise-beep ()
(write-char (code-char #x7) *standard-output*)
(finish-output *standard-output*))
(defun complete-line (ls)
(let ((completions (funcall *completion-callback* (ls-buf ls))))
(when (emptyp completions)
(return-from complete-line nil))
(loop with stop = nil and i = 0 and char = #\Nul
with saved = (copy-structure ls)
until stop
when (< i (length completions))
(ls-pos ls) (length (elt completions i))
(ls-buf ls) (elt completions i))
else do
(setf (ls-pos ls) (ls-pos saved)
(ls-buf ls) (ls-buf saved))
do (refresh-line ls)
do (setf char (my-read-char 0))
(case (char-code char)
(setf i (mod (1+ i) (1+ (length completions))))
(when (= i (length completions)) (linenoise-beep)))
(when (< i (length completions))
(refresh-line ls))
(return-from complete-line nil))
(when (< i (length completions))
(setf (ls-buf ls)
(with-output-to-string (s (make-array 0 :element-type 'character
:fill-pointer t))
(write-string (elt completions i) s)))
(my-unread-char char 0)
(return-from complete-line nil)))))))
(defun set-completion-callback (fn)
(setf *completion-callback* fn))
(defun refresh-single-line (l)
(let* ((pos (+ (ls-pos l) (ls-plen l)))
(lineno (floor pos (ls-cols l)))
(linestart (* lineno (ls-cols l)))
(lineend (min (length (ls-buf l))
(* (1+ lineno) (ls-cols l))))
(linebuf (subseq (ls-buf l) linestart lineend))
(linepos (mod pos (ls-cols l))))
(format *standard-output* "~C[0G" #\Escape) ; cursor to left-edge
(when (= lineno 0)
(write-string (ls-prompt l) *standard-output*))
(write-string linebuf *standard-output*)
(format *standard-output* "~C[0K" #\Escape) ; erase to right
;move cursor to position
(format *standard-output* "~C[0G~C[~DC" #\Escape #\Escape linepos)))
(defun refresh-multi-line (l)
(let* ((pos (+ (ls-pos l) (ls-plen l)))
(lineno (floor pos (ls-cols l)))
;(linestart (* lineno (ls-cols l)))
;(lineend (min (length (ls-buf l))
;(* (1+ lineno) (ls-cols l))))
;(linebuf (subseq (ls-buf l) linestart lineend))
(linepos (mod pos (ls-cols l)))
(rows (ceiling (+ (ls-plen l) (length (ls-buf l))) (ls-cols l)))
(oldrows (ls-maxrows l)))
(when (> rows oldrows)
(setf (ls-maxrows l) rows))
(when (> oldrows lineno)
;go down
(format *standard-output* "~C[~DB" #\Escape (- oldrows lineno)))
(loop repeat (1- oldrows)
;clear and move-up
do (format *standard-output* "~C[0G~C[0K~C[1A" #\Escape #\Escape #\Escape))
;clear a line
(format *standard-output* "~C[0G~C[0K" #\Escape #\Escape)
(write-string (ls-prompt l) *standard-output*)
(write-string (ls-buf l))
(when (zerop (mod (+ (length (ls-buf l)) (ls-plen l)) (ls-cols l)))
(write-char #\Newline *standard-output*)
(incf rows)
(when (> rows (ls-maxrows l))
(setf (ls-maxrows l) rows)))
(format *standard-output* "~C[0G" #\Escape)
(when (> rows lineno)
(format *standard-output* "~C[~DA" #\Escape (- rows lineno)))
(unless (zerop linepos)
(format *standard-output* "~C[~DG" #\Escape linepos))))
(defun refresh-line (l)
(if *mlmode*
(refresh-multi-line l)
(refresh-single-line l))
(finish-output *standard-output*))
(defun edit-insert (l c)
(setf (ls-buf l)
(concatenate 'string (subseq (ls-buf l) 0 (ls-pos l))
(list c)
(when (< (ls-pos l) (length (ls-buf l)))
(subseq (ls-buf l) (ls-pos l)))))
(if (and (not *mlmode*) (< (+ (ls-plen l) (length (ls-buf l))) (ls-cols l))
(= (incf (ls-pos l)) (length (ls-buf l))))
(write-char c *standard-output*)
(finish-output *standard-output*))
(refresh-line l)))
(defun edit-move-left (l)
(when (> (ls-pos l) 0)
(decf (ls-pos l))
(refresh-line l)))
(defun edit-move-right (l)
(when (< (ls-pos l) (length (ls-buf l)))
(incf (ls-pos l))
(refresh-line l)))
(defun edit-history-next (l dir)
(when (> (length *history*) 1)
(setf (elt *history* (ls-history-index l)) (ls-buf l))
(incf (ls-history-index l) (if (eql dir :prev) 1 -1))
(when (< (ls-history-index l) 0)
(setf (ls-history-index l) 0))
(when (>= (ls-history-index l) (length *history*))
(setf (ls-history-index l) (1- (length *history*))))
(setf (ls-buf l) (elt *history* (ls-history-index l)))
(refresh-line l)))
(defun edit-delete (l)
(if (and (> (length (ls-buf l)) 0)
(< (ls-pos l) (length (ls-buf l))))
(setf (ls-buf l)
(concatenate 'string
(subseq (ls-buf l) 0 (ls-pos l))
(when (< (ls-pos l) (1- (length (ls-buf l))))
(subseq (ls-buf l) (1+ (ls-pos l)))))))
(refresh-line l))
(defun edit-backspace (l)
(when (> (ls-pos l) 0)
(decf (ls-pos l))
(edit-delete l)))
(defun edit-delete-prev-word (l)
(let* ((end
(loop for index downfrom (ls-pos l)
when (or (= index 0)
(char/= #\Space (elt (ls-buf l) (1- index))))
return index))
(loop for index downfrom (max (1- end) 0)
when (or (= index 0)
(char= #\Space (elt (ls-buf l) index))
return index)))
(setf (ls-buf l)
(concatenate 'string
(subseq (ls-buf l) 0 start)
(subseq (ls-buf l) end)))
(setf (ls-pos l) start))
(refresh-line l))
(defun edit (fd prompt plen)
(let ((l
:fd fd
:buf ""
:prompt prompt
:plen plen
:pos 0
:oldpos 0
:cols (get-columns)
:maxrows 0
:history-index 0)))
(history-add "")
(refresh-line l)
(let* ((c (my-read-char 0))
(code (char-code c)))
((and (char= c #\Tab) *completion-callback*)
(complete-line l))
((member c '(#\Newline #\Return))
(pop *history*)
(return-from edit (ls-buf l)))
((char= c (code-char 3))
(return-from edit :interrupted))
((member (char-code c) '(127 8) :test #'=)
(edit-backspace l))
((= (char-code c) 4)
(if (> (length (ls-buf l)) 0)
(edit-delete l)
(pop *history*)
((and (= (char-code c) 20)
(> (ls-pos l) 0)
(< (ls-pos l) (length (ls-buf l))))
(elt (ls-buf l) (ls-pos l))
(elt (ls-buf l) (1- (ls-pos l)))))
((= code 2)
(edit-move-left l))
((= code 6)
(edit-move-right l))
((= (char-code c) 16)
(edit-history-next l :prev))
((= (char-code c) 14)
(edit-history-next l :next))
((char= c #\Escape)
(let ((seq (coerce (list (my-read-char 0) (my-read-char 0)) 'string)))
;(read-sequence seq *standard-input*)
((string= seq "[A")
(edit-history-next l :prev))
((string= seq "[B")
(edit-history-next l :next))
((string= seq "[C")
(edit-move-right l))
((string= seq "[D")
(edit-move-left l))
((and (char= (elt seq 0)) #\[
(> (char-code (elt seq 1)) 48)
(< (char-code (elt seq 1)) 55))
(let ((code
(with-output-to-string (s)
(write-char (elt seq 1) s)
(loop for char = (my-read-char 0)
do (write-char char s)
(and (>= (char-code char) 64)
(<= (char-code char) 126))))))
(when (string= code "3~")
(edit-delete l)))))))
((= code 21)
(setf (ls-buf l) ""
(ls-pos l) 0)
(refresh-line l))
((= code 11)
(setf (ls-buf l)
(subseq (ls-buf l) 0 (ls-pos l))))
((= code 1)
(setf (ls-pos l) 0)
(refresh-line l))
((= code 5)
(setf (ls-pos l) (length (ls-buf l)))
(refresh-line l))
((= code 12)
(refresh-line l))
((= code 23)
(edit-delete-prev-word l))
(edit-insert l c))))))))
(defun linenoise-raw (prompt plen)
(if (not (isatty 0))
(read-line *standard-input*)
(with-raw-mode (0)
(edit 0 prompt plen))))
(defun linenoise (prompt &optional (plen (length prompt)))
"Display PROMPT and wait for a line to be entered with basic editing support
PLEN can be specified for prompts that have a display width different from
their character count (e.g. combining characters, escape codes)"
(format *standard-output* "~A" prompt)
(finish-output *standard-output*)
(remove-if (lambda (x) (member x '(#\Newline #\Return)))
(read-line *standard-input*)))
(linenoise-raw prompt plen))))
(defun history-add (line)
"Add LINE to the prompt history"
(push line *history*)
(when (> (length *history*) *history-len* )
(setf *history* (subseq *history* 0 *history-len*))))
(defun history-save (fn)
"Save history to pathname FN"
(with-open-file (s fn :if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create
:direction :output)
(format fn "~{~A~%~}" *history*)))
(defun history-load (fn)
"Load history from pathname FN"
(with-open-file (s fn)
(setf *history*
(loop for line = (read-line s nil)
while line
collect line)))))
(defun clear-screen ()
(format *standard-output* "~C[H~C[2J" #\Escape #\Escape))
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