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Sublime Text 2-3 plugin to run the YAPF Python formatter


By default, press Ctrl-Alt-F to format the current selection (or the entire document if nothing is selected). You can also Ctrl-Shift-P (Mac: Cmd-Shift-P) and select "PyYapf: Format Selection" or "PyYapf: Format Document". To automatically run YAPF on the current document before saving, use the on_save setting.


  1. Install YAPF (if you haven't already):
pip install yapf
  1. Install Sublime Package Control by following the instructions here (if you haven't already).

  2. Ctrl-Shift-P (Mac: Cmd-Shift-P) and choose "Package Control: Install Package".

  3. Find "PyYapf Python Formatter" in the list (type in a few characters and you should see it).

Alternatively, install manually by navigating to Sublime's Packages folder and cloning this repository:

  git clone "PyYapf Python Formatter"


This makes it pretty easy to find valid python code that makes Yapf choke or give bad formatting. Please try to reduce any problems to a minimal example and let the YAPF folks know. If there is something wrong with this plugin, add an issue on GitHub and I'll try to address it.


Package Control


Apache v2 per LICENSE. Do what you want; if you fix something please share it.