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Sublime Text plugin to run YAPF Python formatter
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Sublime Text 2-3 plugin to run the YAPF Python formatter


By default, press Ctrl-Alt-F to format the current selection (or the entire document if nothing is selected). You can also Ctrl-Shift-P (Mac: Cmd-Shift-P) and select "PyYapf: Format Selection" or "PyYapf: Format Document". To automatically run YAPF on the current document before saving, use the on_save setting.


  1. Install YAPF (if you haven't already):
pip install yapf
  1. Install Sublime Package Control by following the instructions here (if you haven't already).

  2. Ctrl-Shift-P (Mac: Cmd-Shift-P) and choose "Package Control: Install Package".

  3. Find "PyYapf Python Formatter" in the list (type in a few characters and you should see it).

Alternatively, install manually by navigating to Sublime's Packages folder and cloning this repository:

  git clone "PyYapf Python Formatter"


This makes it pretty easy to find valid python code that makes Yapf choke or give bad formatting. Please try to reduce any problems to a minimal example and let the YAPF folks know. If there is something wrong with this plugin, add an issue on GitHub and I'll try to address it.


Package Control


I love stumbling across things like these, it's a small world sometimes.


Apache v2 per LICENSE. Do what you want; if you fix something please share it.

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